Loceryl Comes To The Rescue Of Fungal Nail Infections



Due to lifestyle changes, fungal nail infections have become more prevalent. Fungal nail infection of Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the fingernails or toenails which does not go away without treatment. The infected nail may appear yellow to brown, thick, brittle and/or separated from the nail bed. The fungus can infect the nail because of injury to the nail, tight footwear or a pre-existing medical condition.

Loceryl® nail lacquer is one of the topical treatments for fungal nail infection. It releases the active ingredient Amorolfine5% to kill infections caused by the three types of fungi which are dermatophytes (most common), yeasts and moulds and the antifungal effect is sustained for a minimum of 7 days within the nail so this is a once-a-week treatment.

Although Loceryl® is not new in the market, it has only recently become easily available on the shelves of pharmacies, previously it was over the counter on consultation with the pharmacist. It retails at RM99.80 per bottle.

The product was introduced to the media at Posh! Nail Spa at Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, TTDI. Posh! stocks not only O.P.I. but four other brands of nail polish. They have 60-80 shades of each brand and a further 200 shades of gel polish so there’s plenty of choices.



We were given complimentary manicures and my beautiful blue shade was personally chosen by the owner of Posh!, the very friendly Sereen Eng. Posh! Nail Spa can be contacted on 03-7877 0815 (SS2 outlet) and 03-7724 1890 (TTDI outlet).

This enjoyable and engaging event was organized by EverQuest.


  1. Blue nail paint looks awesome
    I have tried opi fungal fix but not much happened my toe nails are still the same
    Both toenails are separated from the nail bed
    Thanks for such a good info specially the fact that u need to use just once a week is quite nice
    am gonna check this one hope it ll help
    Thanks again

  2. Amazing beautiful blue! OOh, will recommend Loceryl to my friends. Many has problem with the toe nails especially after hitting the feet on hard surface just as the sofa.