L’occitane Divine Extract



Formulated with a high concentration of ingredients, L’occitane Divine Extract helps to prevent loss of firmness and lack of definition in facial contours as well as restoring the overall structure of the face. I have seen the L’occitane Divine ads in print media with celebs endorsing the range especially Divine Extract and always wondered about its benefits. After all, it’s one of the more expensive L’occitane serums at RM458 for 30ml which works out to be RM15.25 per ml!

Thanks to a purchase last year, I had a few sachets of Divine Extract and have just opened them up. The scent can be slightly overwhelming. No doubt about it, it’s strong and hits you just as you are bringing it close to your skin. Luckily I don’t mind the scent.


It’s extremely fluid and absorbs into my skin instantly creating a hydration layer. Essentially, this serum is for skin regeneration so I presume most appropriate to use it at night? It’s great for skin softening but then again, a lot of products out there have the same function at less than half the price of this serum.