Melvita L’or Bio Extraordinary Oil


melvita lor bio extra oil

Melvita is well known for the facial oils of which there is a wide variety for different skin concerns but how about an oil that is multi-purpose and can be used on face, body and hair? Well for a limited time, they have the L’or Bio Extraordinary Oil, a 100% natural origin dry oil with a light, fluid texture. This is not a new product as it was first introduced in 2013 but has only ever been limited edition.

Melvita L’or Bio Extraordinary Oil is a blend of 5 different oils

To bring us this oil, Melvita selected and blended the most precious organic oils in the shades of 3 golds:-

Yellow gold : Argan oil from Morocco, known for its exceptional skincare properties, is combined with two more unusual oils, Kendi oil from Indonesia and Inca Inchi oil from Amazonia with regenerating properties.

Pink Gold : Buriti oil from Brazil helps nourish the skin and provides a healthy skin glow.

White Gold : Pracaxi oil from Amazonia improves hair shine and strength.

This is a spray bottle but it’s best to spray it on the hand first before applying on the face and hair. If you are applying on the body, then it can be sprayed directly on the body. I combine the oil with serum or moisturizer although you can apply this before serum or moisturizer and the skincare following the oil will absorb better and faster into skin.

As an oil for hair, it has average hydrating effect. Hair does feel a bit softer and smoother but the effect doesn’t last that long. The scent is very lovely, it has a hard-to-describe scent which is unmistakably luxurious. The scent is a combination of floral, woody, sunny and zesty.

Melvita L’or Bio Extraordinary Oil retails at RM170/100ml.

Product reviewed is a press sample.


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