Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil



The blend of divine oils in Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil makes this facial oil such a delight to use, the scent is simply wonderful and lingers on my skin for minutes after it’s been soaked in. The dropper dispenses just the right amount and 2 drops is all you need at most.

These are the oils in Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil:-

  • Organic white tea to protect and effectively aid skin regeneration.
  • Organic rosehip oil to help minimise visible signs of ageing.
  • Organic evening primrose oil for its effective healing properties.

After using the oil, I layer on serum and moisturizer and my skin feels much softer & smoother. If I use this in the evening, my skin remains hydrated for a longer time. I can feel that my skin isn’t as dehydrated in the morning. It also gives my skin a nice glowing, luminous sheen, Definitely one of the best facial oils I have ever used.

Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil 25ml/RM179. Available at all TNS Skin Lab outlets.

Product reviewed is a press sample.