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Every so often, brands revamp their skincare ranges and not too long ago, Laneige completely revamped its brightening skincare range, now known as White Plus Renew. After the White Plus Renew Original Essence was introduced in 2013, the brand introduced 5 other products to the range.

Although I don’t seem to be getting much response to my Giveaways, I don’t think it’s a reason for me to stop the Giveaways for now. Maybe I will be demotivated enough to stop one day but for now, one (1) of you will get to try the Laneige White Plus Renew Emulsion & White Plus Renew Original Cream, together worth about RM300. These products are for all skin types.

If you would like to participate in this Giveaway, please comment on either (A) or (B) below:-

(A) If you have never used any Laneige products before, what products would you most like to try and why?


(B) If you have used Laneige products before, what products have you used and what did you think of the products?

Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends Sunday 27th September 2015.                     .

3. Winner will be contacted via email once result is announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

Updated 28th September 2015

Winner of this Giveaway:-

Yi Nian



  1. Thank you for spoiling your readers with giveaways =) . You are sure a great blogger!

    I love the sleeping mask from Laneige. I think it was really a saviour when Laneige came out with this sleeping mask that swept the world with it newest innovation that make the skin so soft and baby like. It was a item sent for irritated, dry skin type that I was so happy it suits my acne prone skin too.

    I think it also lead the world with this sleeping mask because soon after, other brands came out with sleeping masks. Contradict to what people said that sleeping mask was just a moisturiser, I think it is really different to the effect it provides the skin. I don’t want this sleeping mask to get discontinue unless Laneige can come up with something better.

  2. I’ve never used any Laneige product before, but I’m very tempted to try their famous BB Cushion. All thanks to the new Astro shopping channel, I’m itching to run out and get one. Seems very easy to apply and gives flawless finish. Coverage is very good too. Very impressive! I know I’m very outdated as there’re already so many reviews about this product, including yours. I’m still hesitating to get it or not as I don’t put on make up everyday. Laneige products are actually quite affordable, I’ve missed out the valuable chance to try out their products when I was in Korea last year. The SAs were very impolite and actually ignored me when I stepped into the Myeongdong store, such a total turn off. Perhaps they thought I’m from China :-/

  3. Heard of this Laneige brand very often but I still have not tried on their product yet. The products I wish to give it a try is the Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector which launched earlier this year. It can act as a prep to skin right after cleansing to improve the skin condition becoming clearer and smoother! As this products also feature 5 benefits within 2 weeks, this product which had been reviewed at your blog with brighter complexion without applying whitening cream/essence. It proved that the original essence with melacrusher technology works better with this products. Perhaps is time to brace myself to try this upon finishing my skincare on hand!

  4. I have never tried any Laneige products before and I would really love to try their famous BB Cushion. My previous roommate was using the BB cushion and her skin glows naturally after patting on the BB Cushion, the coverage is very good that her acne scars and dark spots are well concealed. I was very amazed on how the Air Cushion works, very special and unique! However, the BB cushion is quite pricey to me since I was just a student at that time so I didn’t get myself one. I should make a wish to the Santa Claus this year because I think I’m behaving well all over the year hehe!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I have tried Laneige Sleeping Mask and Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack before and both of them are working well on my skin. Laneige is the very 1st brand which introduced Sleeping Mask to the beauty market and ever since then, sleeping mask has become my skin care staple. I like how the sleeping mask keeps my skin well hydrated and moisturized in an air-conditioned room, it never fails to make my skin to look bouncy and at the same time, it can always make my skin to glow naturally. I will apply Laneige Sleeping Mask when I’m on a flight and when I’m spending hours in cars in order to make sure that my skin doesn’t look tired and listless after the long journey. Laneige skin care range has never let me down and I believe that I will be their returning customer.

  6. Thanks Juniper for another giveaway! You really spoilt us.

    I have never use Laneige products before. But I have heard that their BB cushion is one of the best. My skin is getting dull as I age, no more the glowing skin I once knew. I will be game to try on this new brand as a start off. These brightening product might just do the trick for my skin. Something that bring on the renewal of cells back to its once bouncy self.

    Would also like to try their CC cream as well. Heard it can work miracles on skin for the korean girls.

  7. When I stumbled upon Juniper’s Journal, the beauty and charm in the bottles and jars of Laneige have got me yearning for flawless skin.

    Beauty sleep isn’t a myth, as Laneige is wondrous beauty retreat in the universe. A good night’s sleep conjures up luminous skin. Catch some oh-so blissful z’s, complemented with Laneige Sleeping Mask, I wake up to the waterful glam. Rise and sparkle!

    Laneige White Plus Renew line is bound to charm its way into my heart. Why fight that desire? Embrace it and discover the secrets. Dear fabulous Juniper, could you please grant my wish? 🙂 *puppy eyes*