Juliet’s Road To Recovery At Asia Paws


It’s been 2 weeks since Juliet and I last visited Dr Susanna at Asia Paws. For some part of that 2 weeks, I have been in a state of anxiousness until I received an email from Dr Susanna regarding Juliet’s heart murmur. Every time Juliet breathed rapidly, I would be worried each breath might be her last. Talk about paranoia!

Before today’s acupuncture session. Dr Susanna felt Juliet’s pulse and remarked that it was excellent. We could hardly believe it. After all, Juliet has a chronic heart condition and I have been so very concerned about her ever since it was diagnosed.



I don’t know if seeing Dr Susanna brings Juliet as much comfort and relief as it does to me. I don’t have many people to turn to when it comes to my beloved dog’s health so to hear Dr Susanna’s words of encouragement means a lot to me. It calms me down and gives me renewed hope.




Juliet’s arthritis seems to have gotten worse and she’s limping as she walks. Obviously she is in great discomfort, if not pain. Dr Susanna recommended Astaxanthin  as an anti-inflammatory and the only Astaxanthin we know of is from Bio-life. I believe it was launched last year but again, I am not one of the lucky ones to have been invited. I almost didn’t feel like buying from Bio-life but I don’t have a choice. Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in nature primarily in marine organisms such as microalgae, salmon and krill. It is the pigment that gives salmon its pink-red colour. Hopefully it will help Juliet relieve her arthritis symptoms.