Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Pot of Shine Mystique


Since I saw the pictures of Shu Uemura’s new Morphorium Collection, I was looking forward to checking out their cheek and lip palettes, Morphorium Blue and Sunset Gold. I was especially itching to swatch the turquoise colour in the top middle of the Morphorium Blue palette.

Well, let’s say I was underwhelmed by both palettes. Sure the turquoise didn’t disappoint but I couldn’t very well justify parting with RM198 just for one colour. The design on top of the blusher came off with just one swipe and I really felt bad for defiling it since I was the first person to swatch the palettes at the counter I went to.

What caught my eye were the little pots of loose powder on the same display. Now those were something to talk about as the colors were all gorgeous and wearable any time.

These little pots contained only 1.5g of shine mystique eye color and cost RM75. They looked like MAC’s pigments but they’re actually loose eyeshadow powder.

There’s a small hole in the middle of the plastic covers of the pots and you have to be careful not to pour out too much otherwise you’ll find yourself having to squeeze each precious bit of loose shadow back into the hole.

Without eye base 

With eye base 

The powder is fine, pigmented and so apply beautifully smooth. It’s very sheer with just one application so you have to continue building the layers until you get the desired intensity of color.

Initially, I was torn between the Aqua Green and Ivy Gold but eventually settled for the former because I have a lot of golds, including Shu’s ME gold 335 and G bronze (which is more gold than bronze, in my opinion).

L to R – Aqua Green, Khaki Silver, Ivy Gold

The Aqua Green actually looks a lot nicer than what you see in the pic above. I don’t have an eyeshadow that even comes close to this color and I do have lots of greens too since I have a penchant for greens and golds.

To make sure that I don’t pour out more eye color than necessary, I upend the container and pour a tiny bit on to the back of my hand over the sink, just in case of any accidental spillage.

Then I blend the color across the back of my hand and use one of my fingers to apply across my eyes. The color applies smoothly with or without an eye base but you’ll get a more intense, brighter and sharper color if used over an eye base.