It’s Not Sunday But Someone Loves Her Sunday Roast From Doggy Bag



WOOF! One look at the tubs of Doggy Bag food and I knew they were packed full of wholesome ingredients. Doggy Bag is like gourmet superfood for our canine buddies. To ease our furkids into Doggy Bag, one should add a bit of the food into their regular meal and for my furkids, they normally get kibbles with steamed egg and chicken pieces. Oh yes, sometimes my chums eat better than me.

Fresh food is easier to digest than kibble and we all want our furkids to have a healthy digestive system so that they will live a long and happy life, don’t we? My oldest doggy is already 17 and eats very slowly as she has lost most of her teeth. I added some of Doggy Bag’s Sunday Roast into her usual meal and she chowed it all down.


Sunday Roast contains real beef, mutton and chicken morsels, perky peas and roasted sweet potatoes. Now if that doesn’t tickle any dog’s taste buds, I don’t know what will.