Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2016 Collection Interview



At most fashion shows I have attended where I had the opportunity to go backstage for a peek at the designer’s clothes before they are paraded on the runway, space is a constraint as the models troop in and out for their hair and make-up. I have to be mindful to tread carefully and literally not step on anyone’s toes. At the Khoon Hooi Spring Summer 2016 Collection in January, I got to meet Khoon Hooi and chat with him about the collection.

What was your inspiration for the Spring Summer 2016 Collection?

It was inspired by a splash of colour on paintings, a technique called “gouache”.

What type of materials have been used in this collection?

We have light to heavy. We used cotton brocade, soft silk, silk taffeta, lace and raffia. All these materials bring out the spring/summer feeling. We also have ostrich feathers to adorn, they are very easy to use.

There’s a lot of beading on some of the clothes. How long does it take to stitch them on?

Beading on each piece takes 3 days’ work.

Where did you source for the materials?

Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea.

How many outfits are you showing in tonight’s showcase?

40 outfits on 20 models.

What is going on with Khoon Hooi in 2016?

We are participating in Paris Haute Couture Week. We supply to boutiques in Middle East (Riyadh, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi), Europe, China, Ireland. We are always looking for new ventures. We have a new showroom agent in Paris and hope to bring the brand to a higher level.

This is your 3rd collaboration with MAC Cosmetics on your solo show. What do you think of the MAC Event Artists’ work?

They are very professional, we have a good relationship and always discuss the look very well.