It’s A Treat : A Halloween Giveaway



I was at a fancy dress shop yesterday and on the spur of the moment, purchased a cape embossed with gold skulls and bones. It’s the week before Halloween and I just couldn’t resist picking up something I’ll probably use just once unless there’s another occasion with a spooky theme. I hope I don’t forget about this cape after wearing it on Halloween.

In the spirit of the occasion, I have decided to put together a few products from my stash and it’s a Halloween Giveaway! Prizes are from VEET, Skin Aqua, MAC, Shu Uemura, Cetaphil and I am also including a Hotel Istana High Tea voucher.


If you’d like to participate, please comment on your scariest encounter/experience. It could be from reading a horror novel or watching a movie, it could be a roller-coaster ride, anything that scared you out of your wits.

Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends Sunday 25th October 2015. .

3. Winner will be contacted via email once result is announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

Updated 26th October 2015

Winner of this Giveaway:-

Cece Teng Teng


  1. My scariest (not spooky) experience was when I was taking care of my father in the hospital. Nope. I didn’t bump into any supernatural entities or spirits or what so ever. In fact, the hospital wasn’t scary at all. Well, I’ve never been to the mortuary, I’m referring to the ward. The ward was so busy all the time, even midnight, with doctors and nurses constantly patrolling the ward, taking blood pressure and blood sugar measurements every two hours. One day, my father was scheduled for a major surgery in the morning. In the evening, the operation done and he’s back in the ward, the doctor said he’s fine and shouldn’t have any big problem. So I went home to rest for the night. The next day, I went as usual during visiting hours to find that my father was no where to be seen. My heart made one big thump and I started to panic. The nurses told me that he was transferred to ICU due to difficulty in breathing. The moment I heard the word ICU, I was so scared. I was alone and no idea what to do. I was so scared when I started thinking how bad is his condition. I feel glad that all is well now, but I’ll never forget that moment.

  2. My scariest encounter would be when I was in Frasers Hill.. this happened a few years ago. The whole family on my husband’s side were there and we were spending a couple of nights there at one of the bungalows… and on the next morning, on the 2nd day we were there, my stepson and nephew claimed they saw “something” white in the kitchen around 11 pm. And it was not the cook… as the cook had left earlier… and I had to believe them as my husband’s side of the family do seem to have the 6th sense or they can see “supernatural” stuff
    Now it was pretty scary for me because well, my room happened to be the one closest to the kitchen and I did not dare to go anywhere, even to the toilet at night as well as I was just so freaked out…That was really freaky…

  3. I get scared easy after watching a horror movie. I’ll be all brave before night comes,but once I get ready to go to bed,all these images keeps popping up in my head.I remember the movie that scared me the most recently was The Conjuring.I couldn’t sleep at ALL ! I keep getting up and looking around like there was anything I should look out for. It was pathetic really. Luckily,it was during the fasting month,so everyone in my house got up early for sahur. I was glad and couldn’t wait till sahur so I wouldn’t be all scared and alone in my bed till morning. Besides that,I watched a documentary not long ago on Astro about serial killers. I get scared thinking of them too (no surprise there). The one that scared me the most was ‘the night stalker’ . I think it was mainly due to his looks and the gruesome images of the murders he commited. I was paranoid for a few days that somebody would break into my house,haha.

  4. Halloween is just around the corner!

    My scariest moment has nothing to do with ghosts but dogs! When I was a kid, I took a stroll at my grandparents’ village with my sisters. We were walking happily and all out of sudden, two dogs came out from nowhere and they started to bark at us. We were so scared because the dogs are really big and fierce, we were just three small kids who can neither run fast nor fight the dogs back. We were stunned and we started to run back home. I felt unprecedentedly scared and panic, my chest was filled with fear that I thought I was going to be bitten by the big dogs, they were just two steps away from us! I run like there’s no tomorrow and finally, all of us reached home safely. We quickly shut the door and blocked the dogs outside, phew!

  5. I’m a brave person and nothing really scares me off. My scariest moment is related to a dream, I can never forget this dream in the rest of my life. In the dream, my family and I were caught in a fire and we were struggling very hard and trying to escape from the fire. However, the whole place was suffused with smoke that we can barely breathe, I can’t open my eyes because it’s so painful to do so. I was crying out loud, I can see that my family were all around me and all of us were trapped in the fire helplessly. There was nothing we can do, it seemed like we were going to be engulfed by the fire, and died together. I have never felt so scared and helpless, I can literally do nothing but to wait for the death to come. I was shivering in cold sweat when I woke up from this dream, the fear was so overwhelming that I couldn’t stop myself from trembling! At the same time, I was so thankful and grateful that it was just a dream!

  6. Working as a flying crew always was fun to me….now when I look back I feel I was quite wicked sometimes….while take off when I would sit on my station and pretend to do a little prayer for safe take off in and the passengers sitting in front of me could see me do that and some of them would freak out or get alert it was so much fun for me….but recently I was travelling from india to Malaysia as a passenger and the captain announced we will be diverting back to india due to some engine failure !! we were almost half way through and being a crew I do understand that they would not redirect the flight just like that after covering half the distance…there must be something major….and post that the flight suddenly got too bumpy I think I was never so alert even as a crew that I was that day….for some 2 minutes I even thought this might just be my last flight and held on to my son really tight……I would say that was my scariest moment

  7. I must have been 13 years old when my father took me to a local flee market which was in a very congested area u could hardly walk there were hawkers all over ther place.
    we were standing in front of a small stall while a guy on a 2 wheeler zipped thru and within seconds another guy running behind him chasing him, till then it was all ok but suddenly this guy gets hold of the one on the 2 wheeler and starts hitting him in the mean time a car zips through crushing a lot of vegetables on the path more men get out of the car and throw in the guy on 2 wheeler in the car….the vendors blocked the road and seeing that those men shot a fire in air, hearing that shopkeeprs move away and block the way with carts and boxes and whatever they could see but those guys in the car were prepared for anything, my father held my hand as those guys reversed the car as we were right behind the car…don’t know how we got saved as they reversed in full speed and escaped that was the scariest moment for me to face a shoot out and worse was to hear that the guy who was kidnapped was found dead the next day!!