Instant Relief For Oily Skins : Natio Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier


Although I’ve tried a multitude of masks, I haven’t tried many clay masks since they are primarily formulated for oily skins. Clay masks absorb excess sebum, tighten pores and refine pores. What I need more are firming and hydrating masks.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that someone with dry combination skin or dry skin cannot try clay masks. People with skins in this category just don’t have to use clay masks as often as people with oily skins.

The Natio Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier contains kaolin to absorb impurities and bentonite to help prevent the appearance of blemishes. It has a light fragrance as there are pure essential oils of palmarosa, lemon and sesame.

It was more watery and creamy than I expected but that meant it was easy to spread all over the face. Sometimes clay masks can be quite thick and therefore harder to spread but not this one. It almost felt moisturising but hardens up very quickly, within 10 minutes especially if you’re in front of a fan.

According to the product description on it also helps to improve skin’s firmness and texture. My skin certainly felt tight as the mask dried up. After the mask had been washed off (I splash my face with water and then remove any excess with a cotton pad), my face felt tight and dry.

It’s definitely a mask more suited for oily skins as it obviously absorbs all excess sebum. Pricewise, it’s RM37 for a 100ml tube which when you compare it to the price on Natio’s website (AUD14.50 or RM44.70 at current conversion rate) ain’t bad at all.

Note : This review was based on 20ml samples of the Face Mask.