Going Undercover With Shiseido’s Natural Finish Cream Concealer


Shiseido’s Natural Finish Cream Concealer comes in a 10ml squeeze tube, which is quite a lot if you consider that MAC’s Select Moisturecover is only 5ml and L’oreal’s True Match super-blendable concealer is slightly more at 5.2ml.

The Natural Finish Cream Concealer is creamy and has medium coverage, it’s perspiration, oil and water-resistant which is just what we need in our year-round humidity.

The product description states that it provides exceptional seamless coverage with small amount. That just a minute amount is required is true which means you have to be ever so cautious when squeezing out the appropriate amount. I put my finger very near the nozzle of the tube in order to control the amount.

As a matter of practise, I have always applied concealer after I’m done with my eye makeup. I don’t see the point of applying concealer before eye makeup only to probably have to apply again if there’s any eye makeup that needs tidying under my eyes.

It has quite a thick consistency which is not something I am used to. It’s creamier than Inuovi’s Under-eye Dark Circle Concealer but not difficult to blend. However, I do find the Shiseido Concealer to be a bit too drying for my liking.

Before Concealer

Dab Concealer under eyes

Concealer blended

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have that dreaded cakey effect. I counter the dryness by applying a little eye cream prior to dabbing the concealer under my eyes.

The Natural Finish Cream Concealer in Light Medium 2 suits me quite well. For RM99, this Concealer will probably last for at least a year. It normally takes me ages to finish a tube of concealer as I don’t use it everyday.

Note : The Shiseido Concealer was provided for review.