Instant Derma Whitening Facial & Oxygen Therapy At Cellgen Beauty



Although I am aware of Cell Labs, I didn’t know that they have a beauty salon called Cellgen Beauty located at The Boulevard, Mid Valley City until I received an invitation to check out the salon recently. The salon is directly opposite the Nyonya eatery, Aunty Nat on the 1st Floor (I didn’t even know Aunty Nat had a different address at The Boulevard after they moved from their Ground Floor premises).

Cellgen Beauty is the stockist for the French & Swiss skincare brands, Darphin & Valmont. These products are used during the facials at Cellgen Beauty. Activated water is used for the facials as this is good for cell regeneration. My skin was analysed with a “canggih” (sophisticated) machine. It looks like what you see at optician’s, you stick your head in it. close your eyes and 2 photos are taken.

The machine measures the sebum, hydration and pigmentation levels on different areas of the face. Results ares shown on charts and these results are compared with the results from a group of women of the same age group as me. As expected, I fared poorly in the hydration department but my sebum levels aren’t that bad. There’s a lot of underlying pigmentation issues but that too was expected. I have to keep trying to improve my hydration level. As for lines and wrinkles, there’s some of that around my eye area but again, I am not surprised at my age.


My complimentary facial was the Instant Derma Whitening Facial combined with Oxygen Therapy, this would be a long facial at almost 3.5 hours. I have never tried Oxygen Therapy before but have heard that it’s a favourite with famous singers and stars like Madonna and Eva Longoria. Oxygen Therapy delivers a mixture of hyperbaric oxygen, or pure oxygen at a high pressure, and anti-aging serum through what looks like an airbrush device to the face. It’s very popular because apparently, the process helps makeup application because it gives the skin a smooth and moisturized surface. Unlike other facials, makeup can be applied directly after the Oxygen Facial.

There are nine types of facials at Cellgen Beauty including an eye treatment, facials are for men and women.Other than the Instant Derma Whitening Facial, the popular facials are Deep Purifying Treatment & Rejuvenating Facial Treatment.

The Instant Derma Whitening Facial began with double cleansing (Valmont cleansers) followed by a Darphin scrub which is like a leave-on mask without any scrub granules so that it is less harsh on skin and suitable for sensitive skins. Next the steamer was left over my face for a few minutes. The extraction process is very thorough and I could feel that the therapist was very experienced just from the way she handled the extraction.

After the extraction, the therapist pulled out my stray eyebrow hair, it didn’t hurt at all which is another good sign of her experience. I was confident that I was in safe hands. This was followed by the Oxygen Therapy.


The Oxygen Therapy machine looks quite big and bulky, It makes a bit of noise which may disturb one’s slumber but since I never sleep during facials, this was a non-issue for me. The therapist holds what looks like an airbrush device and fills it with firming serum.

I had no idea what to expect. The therapist informed me that it’d feel cooling and to expect a fine mist like water droplets. How very interesting! She also informed me that I’d still be able to breathe normally even when it was right under my nose.



Oxygen Therapy takes about 1/2 an hour, she worked on the left side of my face first so that I could see the difference. The fine mist was like being constantly sprayed with thermal water, only slightly stronger. It doesn’t leave my face dripping with water though. It felt very pleasant as my skin was cool throughout and the therapist was right, even when the mist was right under my nose, I breathed normally.

Was there a difference? Yes, certainly because the left side of my face looked more lifted with the laughter lines looking less apparent and the pores on that side of the face looked smaller and more refined. My skin was receiving every iota of the lifting serum. The image below was taken right after the therapist had finished with Oxygen Therapy on the left side of my face only.


Once the therapist had finished with the Oxygen Therapy on my entire face, she began the facial massage with Valmont night cream. That felt wonderful as she applied pressure point massage. Sure, that feels a bit painful when pressure is applied but it’s good for firming. There was also shoulder, back and arm massage with Darphin jojoba and lavender essential oil, superb! I really enjoyed the massage more than I can possibly describe.

The final step of the facial is the application of 2 masks, the first mask is Cell Labs Qutie Coat, When I heard the name of this mask for the first time, I thought it was some kind of nail polish base coat or top coat. Cell Labs Qutie Coat is a cream mask which provides an intense whitening and moisturising effect that leaves the skin fairer, smoother and softer in just 40 seconds. It penetrates the skin’s basal layer to remove accumulated dirt while keeping skin moist at all times. There it rapidly lightens the skin at the epidermal level. During the 40 seconds, you have to keep massaging skin. You can choose not to massage skin by leaving it on for 2-3 minutes. It has a floral scent (more on this mask soon as I am reviewing it).


The second mask is left on for 20 minutes and this is a Valmont hydration mask. I must admit I don’t particularly like lying down almost motionless for 20 minutes as I tend to get restless. If only I could drift off to slumberland for a cat nap!

Instant Derma Whitening Facial is RM598 while the Oxygen Therapy is an extra RM98. It’s not because the treatments are expensive that I’m saying I loved the facial. The service is excellent especially the therapist’s massage techniques and the Oxygen Therapy is simply incredible as make-up simply glided on to my skin the day after the facial. My skin hadn’t felt this smooth for a long time and I could barely see any pores. This is one of the best facials I have had in a long time, if not the best. If I could afford to have this treatment every month, I would as the results are far and away better than the average facial.

Cellgen Beauty by Cell Labs is located at Unit 7-1, Level 1, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, 59200 K.L. Business Hours : 11am-8pm (Mon-Sat). Tel : 03-2284 2886.


  1. I saw advertisement of the Qutie Coat when I was at MV. Somehow the name reminds me of a lip balm with a cute baby available at pharmacy…Haha.