Inglot Sunway Pyramid Official Opening & More Pigments


Inglot’s first outlet in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid had its official opening on 29th June, 2011. The occasion was graced by the presence of none other than the founder of Inglot Cosmetics, Mr. Wojtek Inglot himself. Mr. Inglot gave a brief speech which was followed by a video presentation.

It was an honour to have met and spoken to Mr. Inglot, a rare opportunity indeed. Mr. Inglot was very approachable and amiable. Congratulations to Mr. Inglot and Inglot Asia on their first outlet here and may there be many more to come.

Now on to more pigments from Inglot, one of which was acquired at the official opening as I can’t seem to by-pass them without adding to my pigment stash. Going near Inglot’s pigments is hazardous to my wallet!

It was difficult deciding which pigment to purchase, it took some time to even shortlist as there were just too many I wanted. Finally, I decided on #17 to complement my earlier acquisition, #31 which had been purchased at the soft launch.

I can never remember the numbers of my pigments, wish they had names instead. #17 is a lovely soft yellow-green which can be paired with most green eyeshadows whereas #31 is a darkish green. The best thing about the pigments is that such a minute amount is needed for each application.

Combined, these 2 shades are just perfect for a green look. I applied an eyeshadow primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance beneath the pigments. It’s always easier to apply pigments over an eyeshadow primer as they adhere better.

Inglot Pigments are 2g each and retail at RM62.

Inglot Sunway Pyramid’s contact number is 03-5621 0989.