IN2IT’s ‘Balloon Brush’ Inspired By A Mace?


10 out of 10 days, if I am browsing around Watsons, I’ll walk right by IN2IT’s display without taking a second look but on this particular day, something caught my eye. A tiny mascara (3.5g) , pink on top and black at the bottom, looking more like a lip gloss than a mascara.

There were only 2 of this ‘balloon brush’ for extra lash volume and extra lash length left on the display and I was intrigued. The brush looks more like it was inspired by the mace, a medieval war weapon than a balloon.

I’d never seen a mascara applicator quite like this. Very unusual and unique. It claims to be waterproof and long-wearing, no smudging or ‘panda’ eyes and easy to remove.

Why the ‘balloon brush’ then? Apparently, it’s to coat more mascara on each application. The formulation is fibre-free for volume and lash extension.

There are very specific instructions for applying this super-cute mascara. The directions are “the mascara must be applied to the lash by slowly sweeping from the root to the tip. At the end of the lash, the mascara must be slowly stretched for lash extension.

Allow twenty seconds for the first coat to set and dry. Apply a second and third coat if required. Apply to the upper lash first and then use the tip of the applicator to apply to the lower lash”.

Adhering to the above instructions, I applied the mascara as close to the roots of my lashes as possible but the “spikes” can be somewhat pokey if they touch my eyelids. I try to be as careful as I can to avoid the spikes from coming in contact with my eyelids.

It isn’t that difficult to use this applicator in the manner prescribed but I don’t see an incredible amount of extra lash volume nor length. It’s average, not gasp-inducing volume/length.

Without eyelash curler

With eyelash curler 

There’s minimal smudging after a few hours (there are really very few mascaras with zero-smudge effect on me) but it didn’t give me serious ‘panda’ eyes, just a hint of a shadow under my eyes. They weren’t kidding about it being easy to remove. It really comes off easily.

It’s a novelty mascara for me, I like the size and the design of the applicator but am not so “wow-ed” by the volume and length it gives. At RM12.90, it’s reasonably priced, even better if it was on 10% discount which it wasn’t when I purchased it from Watson’s (can’t seem to find this one at Guardian’s).