icoone Facial Tightening Treatment @ Estuary Medispa & Esthetics



I must admit that when I was told that Estuary Medispa & Esthetics at The Scott Garden offered icoone® Facial Tightening Treatment, I had no idea what it was. I’d never heard of icoone® even though it has to be quite well known given that Clinic La Prairie (yes, that most prestigious of skincare brands) offers this treatment. Oh, to be able to review one of the Clinic La Prairie treatments, that would be a dream come true.

According to Estuary Medispa & Esthetics’ GM, they are the first in Malaysia to bring in the icoone® machine. The treatments are for both face and body and include bust firming. The icoone® treatments are generally recommended for those above 35 years old so they can be regarded as anti-ageing treatments. Naturally, there are some below 35 years old who may also need anti-ageing treatments but they will be advised accordingly after a consultation at Estuary.


After my Ganbanyoku or Japanese synergy sauna experience and aromatherapy massage at Estuary, I was ushered into the icoone® treatment room, it has a very confortable bed with a duvet. This is seriously the most comfortable facial bed I have ever lay down on. The thickness of the duvet made this much more comfortable than just having towels placed over me. I could have had an afternoon nap on this bed but I needed to concentrate on the steps of this treatment otherwise there wouldn’t be much to this review.

icoone® technology is used for slimming sessions too as it can target localized fat deposits, remodel and tone the abdomen, waist and buttocks (oh yeah, need all that!), treat cellulite, reduce saddlebags, tone up sagging body parts. For the face, it firms up the skin, neck and cleavage included. It targets deep wrinkles and expression lines. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you have severe lines and wrinkles, they won’t reduce dramatically with just one session of icoone®.


For some inexplicable reason which may not be so inexplicable to those of you who watched Spider-Man 2, the icoone® machine reminded me of Dr. Octopus or Doc Ock. It has 4 interchangeable heads for different areas of the face including for the eye area.

No skincare is used during the icoone® treatment. The machine is used primarily for toning and firming skin so the beautician began by cleansing my skin and stuffing my ears with some cotton wool because the machine would produce a loud sound but it is bearable even without the makeshift ear plugs. I think the sound of my dentist’s drill is a lot more scary.


Each head (image above shows the 3 smallest heads, the one in the middle is for the eye area) is used for 10 minutes each (5 minutes on each side of the face). The biggest head (see image below) is the one which is used first and is the one that produces a pinching sensation. It’s not at all painful nor is it uncomfortable, this one is used on the cheeks and neck.


The icoone® massage is said to give the dermis a ‘workout’ and it definitely feels more effective than massage with a beautician’s hands. The medium sized heads are used on the nasolabial and marionette lines, they don’t pinch the skin like the biggest head.


before right






The beautician started on the right side of my face first so that I could see whether there was a difference. There certainly was as the side that had been given the ‘workout’ looked more lifted and less fleshy than the left side of my face. Moreover, the nasolabial line was less obvious and much improved in appearance. So then it was on with the other (left) side.


After the icoone® session was completed, the beautician applied a rubber mask for hydration which was left on for 20 minutes. It felt so cool and soothing, I liked this mask as it remained cool throughout the 20 minutes.




Estuary Medispa is currently having a promotion on the icoone® Facial Tightening Treatment. For a first trial of the Facial Tightening Treatment, it’s RM120 (n/p RM436). The session is an hour inclusive of the mask. Customers who try this treatment will receive a 30ml Whitening Cleansing Milk and Whitening Active Toner. The icoone® experience can be customized to meet specific targets and to suit individual needs and preferences.

For more information on this treatment or Estuary’s other services, please contact them at 03-7983 8998 or visit www.facebook.com/EstuarySpa. Just a reminder to those who have read my previous post on Estuary’s Ganbanyoku experience and to let those of you who haven’t read that post know- if you’d like to check out Estuary Medispa & Esthetics, do join in their 1st Anniversary Celebrations this Saturday 25th May 2013 from 12pm-5pm. There will be a buffet lunch and lucky draws. Do email me by today or call Estuary directly if you are interested in attending.

The icoone® Facial Tightening Treatment reviewed here is courtesy of Estuary Medispa & Esthetics.