“Hikayat Sang Perantau”@ 1 UTAMA

‘Hikayat Sang Perantau’ @ 1 Utama Shooping Centre
‘Hikayat Sang Perantau’ @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

1 Utama Shopping Centre is excited to unveil this year’s Hari Raya decorations with the theme ‘Hikayat Sang Perantau’ to welcome shoppers. The concept highlights the cherished traditions and intricate craftmanship of Pantai Timur’s famous Wayang Kulit, Perahu Kolek, and Wau Bulan, reflecting the cultural heritage of the East Coast. A serene Kampung Nelayan sets the mood for a glimpse into the traditional way of life in a charming coastal fishing village.

Join 1 Utama and reignite the spirit of balik kampung while ushering in the month of Syawal with an exciting month-long celebration from 15th March to 14th April 2024.

Aidilfitri Treats
Artisan Workshop

Wayang Kulit Theatre – Step into LG Oval concourse and be instantly transported to a familiar hometown, where the majestic Rehal Arch warmly greets visitors to enter a heritage marvel waiting to be explored. At the heart of the setup, a beautifully embellished Rumah Tiang 12, crafted in the architectural style found in the East Coast, nestles upon a stage shaped like the mighty Banyan Tree or Pohon Beringin. Tour inside the house to find an authentic shadow puppetry theatre. The entrance of the theatre is flanked by a mesmerizing display of towering Wayang Kulit characters captivating audiences with a world of old folklore tales.

Kampung Nelayan – Take a stroll along the jetty at GF Centre Court where a 15ft Perahu Kolek, is magnificently perched atop a wakaf hut, adorned with nipah leaf roofs and vibrant hues of batik fabric. Shop for exquisite handicrafts to delectable culinary delights at seaside merchant booths. Throughout the space, coconut trees sway gently in the breeze, enveloping shoppers in the coastal charm of Pantai Timur.

Wau Bulan Showcase – Catch a glimpse of different types of Malaysian kites at the Wau Bulan showcasee at Ground Floor Centre Court. Featuring Wau’s from different regions of Malaysia, each tells a story of cultural artistry and significance, soaring gracefully to showcase Malaysia’s rich legacy.

Festive Shopping – Enhance the festive celebrations with a stunning array of Baju Raya with matching accessories, to elevate this year’s Raya outfits. Spread even more joy by finding coordinated fashionable sets for the entire family this season. Delight in an extensive selection of traditional delicacies like rendang, kuih raya, cakes and snacks which are perfect for sharing with friends and family during Raya open houses throughout the month. 1 Utama offers the ultimate destination for Raya festive shopping with irresistible special deals and promotion.

Performances – 1 Utama comes alive with the joyous sounds of laughter and excitement as shoppers immerse themselves in a plethora of activities. From captivating shows like Wayang Kulit, Angklung, Dikir Barat and Nelayan Dance to batik painting and wau making workshops happening at both LG Oval and GF Centre Court, there’s an enchanting experience awaiting every visitor, weaving together the threads of old memories and forging new bonds.

Redemptions and Promotions

Aidilfitri Treats:

Spend a minimum of RM400 (RM600 for non-ONECARD members) and redeem Hari Raya Aidilfitri gifts, whilst stocks last.

Exclusively for HSBC Credit Cardholders: Receive a pair of Ceramic Canister with a minimum spend of RM350 or a ONECARD Gift Card worth RM50 with a minimum spend of RM1,000.

ONECARD & 1PAY (20 Mar – 14 Apr 2024)

Enjoy cashback with minimum spend of RM50 with 1PAY and by sending e-Duit Raya via 1 Utama SuperApp. Receive a FREE Raya Canister when applying for ONECARD.

ONECARD Roadshow (28 – 31 Mar 2024)
Get a complimentary ONECARD with any department store receipt at the ONECARD roadshow located at GF Centre Court, in front of AEON.

ONESHOP’S Berkat Aidilfitri Raya
Spend a minimum of RM150 (Promo code: RAYA 150) & RM280 (Promo code: GREEN280/YELLOW280) to enjoy Raya gifts including a RM20 off e-Duit Raya, only at www.oneshop.com.my