Hey Cha Opens First Outlet At Mid Valley Megamall


dsc_0008I was talking to my friend around Pancake House this morning when I noticed a queue beginning to form outside Olive Garden just before noon. I thought they were queuing to enter Olive Garden but turns out they were all waiting to redeem their free tea at the newly opened Hey Cha (their soft opening was on Tuesday this week). You can customise the teas by requesting for less ice/sugar.

dsc_0010Out of curiousity and because I do love my teas, I went to have a closer look and on their menu are 4 types of teas, fruit tea, cheese tea, milk tea and brewed tea. The cheese teas look interesting and so far, I have not tried any cheese teas as I am not sure if I will like the taste. The teas at Hey Cha do look very refreshing. might give it a try one of these days. Looks like tea outlets are here to stay!