Happy Mask Collagen Brightening Hydrogel Lace Facial Mask


dsc_4292-1When I saw Happy Mask Collagen Brightening Hydrogel Lace Facial Mask, I was more than a little curious as it has a lovely rose pattern and you know what they say about the benefits of using hydrogel masks. They’re supposed to be even more moisturising and you get better absorption into skin than the average sheet mask.

So I was slightly excited to pull out the hydrogel mask, the sachet feels thicker and heavier than sheet mask sachets. It was dripping on to my clothes and the hydrogel mask was indeed a lot thicker than sheet masks. It was a bit difficult to adjust on to my face and it was rather ill-fitting, didn’t adhere well at all especially on the chin and forehead area.

dsc_4305I had to keep it from falling off, of course the best way would have been to lie down but I wanted to sit up and do other stuff while the mask was on. It does feel very hydrating but I didn’t like the fact that I had to keep it on my face with my hand. Just felt frustrating and took all the enjoyment out of using the mask. Recommended to be on face for 15-20 minutes but I took it off after 10 minutes. This is the only mask I took off before the recommended time.

dsc_4295-1The Happy Mask Collagen Hydrogel Lace Facial Mask is available in 2 other variations – Rejuvenating and Moisturising. They retail at RM10.40 each and there is currently a 30% discount at Guardian. However after this experience, I am going to stick to sheet masks (non-hydrogel).

Product reviewed is a press sample