Guest Review : Sephora Oh My Chérie Nail Polish Set


One of the nail products from Sephora’s Oh My Chérie Collection is a set of 5 nail polish ranging from candy red to mauve. They are lovely colours for the upcoming festive season. Fatin reviews the Oh My Chérie Nail Polish Set:-

There are loads of products and sets under Sephora’s Oh My Chérie Collection. Not exactly sure if all will be available in Sephora KL. Remember my recent write up on Oh My Cherie Manicure Set, well here’s the Oh My Chérie Nail Polish set to complement it. It comes in a set of 5 (5x5ml). The colours are Mirror Mirror, Tropical Fuchsia, Cherry Popsicle, It-Girl and Oh, My Chérie!

Mirror Mirror, Cherry Popsicle and It-Girl can be found from the current range while Oh My Chérie and Tropical Fuchsia are exclusive to this set. What I like most about Sephora nail polish is the brush. It’s flat, wide with a rounded tip making it super easy and less messy to apply. It dries really fast as well. I was well surprised when the first coat only took less than a minute to completely dry. It has good consistency and for all five colours, they were opaque in 2 coats.

I’ve had Tropical Fuschia on for about 7 days now (with base and top coat) and I started noticing slight wear at the tips after 4 days. 7 days later, there’s noticeable wear at the tip with tiny bits chipping off. Then again with work, chores and loads of typing, colours usually last no more than a week on my nails.

Colours (images on left are without flash/images on right are with flash)

Mirror Mirror is a molten glittery silver. It’s actually super super glittery! After 2 coats of it, there was glitter all around the nails, quite difficult to clean it off. It does the high sparkle effect though.

Tropical Fuchsia is a bright bold pink which reminds me a lot of my fave lip colour from MAC.

Cherry Popsicle is a rich cool red which was very flattering on my skin tone!

It-Girl is a deep blood red which is pretty much a classic shade.

Oh My Chérie, named after the collection is a metallic purple which gave a very chic subtle feel.

This set of 5 retails at RM65.

Fatin’s note: Product provided by Juniper’s Journal for review.
Editor’s note : Product provided by PR for review. Thanks to Fatin for the review and pics.