Guest Review : Golden Lariat MSF From MAC’s Wonder Woman Collection


Camie reviews the mother-of-all-MSFs, the super-sized Golden Lariat MSF from MAC’s Wonder Woman Collection:-

Yet another sister from the collection of MAC Wonder Woman, Golden Lariat is a mineralize skinfinish in trio shades which combines a champagne gold shimmer, a tanned earth tone and a deep orangy bronze shimmer.

A mixture of these 3 shades gives you a medium bronzer effect which can be highly wearable depending on how you blend it. If you wish for a lighter tone, swirl more to the light shades and vice versa. Since this is extraordinarily huge, it makes blending pretty easy. You can also pick up individual colors to use as eyeshadow or even highlights for your cheekbones.

Being a mineralized skinfinish, this is one product that you can apply all over the face. The technique of blending can transform it into a bronzer, highlighter and even into separate eyeshadow, I would say that it is totally an investment. What else do you need when it actually does everything you possibly need.

Packaging wise, I would relate it to the “waist buckle” perhaps, if there’s any in the wonder woman costume. Is kinda huge compared to the normal MSF and with the gold lining with the red and blue case, it’s super catchy. Well, I guess that’s one of the reason why it is part of the collection.

Selling at RM 145 this babe is as heavy as 20g ~

Note : Thanks to Camie for the images and review.