Mineral Therapy Treatment At Raw Nature Skin Body Therapy Clinic


Generally, all the facials I’ve tried so far have the same routine with slight variations. During these facials, either the therapist’s hands are used solely or a combination of the therapist’s hands and machines. Raw Nature’s Mineral Therapy Treatment is a holistic facial which utilises clear crystal to transfer energy into skin.

Raw Nature’s new Skin Body Therapy Clinic is well-appointed with 2 spacious facial rooms. Actually, they are one of the most spacious facial rooms I’ve been in and I like that as there’s nothing worse than feeling claustrophobic as you’re trying to relax during your facial.

Dimly lit and exuding a welcoming aura, I knew as soon as I saw the beds in the rooms that they would be comfortable. The beds are wider than the average facial bed and the pillow at the head of the bed raises your torso so that your body isn’t lying flat for the entire duration. There are 2 more pillows provided, one placed under the knees and another you can hold on to. A duvet keeps you snug (the linen is organic cotton!) and the room is scented with aromathepy oil from a burner at the corner of the room.

Senior Beauty Therapist, Jacqueline who has 11 years of experience in the beauty industry attended to me. Living Nature and Florame skincare products were used during my facial. I’d always wanted to try Florame products as they are organic aromatherapy products and how often do we get the opportunity to try truly organic skincare at facials?

Florame’s Geranium Floral Water was used to remove my make-up, it’s gentle enough to be used on the eyelids. Geranium Floral Water is good for cleansing light make-up and like the Rose Floral Water, it’s a skin enhancer.

This was followed by the “3C’s” or 3 steps of cleansing, all utilising Living Nature Cleansers, i.e. Gentle Makeup Remover, Vitalising Cleanser (just wipe off with tissue) and Purifying Cleanser which produces a rich layer of foam. This thorough cleansing is necessary to prep skin for the following steps and acts as an antiseptic. Raw Nature believes that skin must be completely cleansed of all impurities in order for other products to be absorbed into skin.

The next step was an interesting one as Kangen water was used to cleanse and soften my skin. As there is no extraction procedure, Kangen water is used instead to soften blackheads. What is Kangen Water? It’s water from a generator that uses an improved electrolysis technology. It transforms ordinary tap water into water that is saturated with Active Hydrogen, making it a powerful anti-oxidant.

One of the types of water produced by the Kangen water generator is called the Beauty Water or Acidic Water. It closely matches the pH of our skin, which acts as an astringent. Apparently, bathing or washing our faces with Beauty Water will keep our skin hydrated, tighten pores and soothe skin, the water molecules are very small.

This is the Kangen water generator and types of pH water:-

Jacqueline tightened the towel around my head before proceeding to slowly and gradually drip Kangen Beauty Water on to my face. Now I’ve never had a facial where water was dripped continuously on to my face but it wasn’t unpleasant. She massaged the water into my skin and particularly my nose which has a blackhead colony.

My face did feel a lot softer after the Kangen Beauty Water treatment. As Jacqueline held a mirror in front of me, I could see it looked much brighter too and some blackheads had been dislodged, some stubborn ones chose not to leave the colony.

Next came the Mineral Therapy Treatment where Living Nature Rich Day Cream mixed with organic mineral sea salt was applied to my face to purify, help repair and improve skin texture. Then, Jacqueline used a piece of clear crystal (which has medium energy compared to black crystal used in another of their Mineral Therapy Treatments which has stronger energy to repair damaged skin) to roll over my face. The crystal helps skin absorb the products applied on to skin.

After this treatment, Jacqueline cleansed my face and briefly massaged my face with a combination of 2 Florame organic vegetable oils, Rosehip and St John’s Wort. Rosehip has anti-aging properties, boosts up moisture and repairs skin while St John’s Wort (I love the name!) has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, calms irritations and redness.

Living Nature’s Deep Cleansing Mask was applied over the layer of vegetable oils (actually, this is a good tip for anyone using clay masks – apply a layer of vegetable oil underneath the clay mask so that skin is soft and bright after removal of the mask). The Deep Cleansing Mask is a purifying and detoxifying mask. It contains Antimicrobial Manuka extract to help cleanse and heal and Active Manuka Honey to nourish and repair skin.

To remove the mask, Jacqueline applied another layer of the vegetable oils to soften the mask. Once my face was cleansed of the mask residue, she spritzed my face with Florame Rose Floral Water and applied Florame’s AquaSerum, AromaSerum, Nutrition Intense and sunblock.

These are some of the products used during my facial:-

My face was glowing and well moisturised after the facial. I like the ambience of Raw Nature’s new Clinic as it doesn’t smack of feminine elements. Instead, it has a certain sophistication one would expect of upmarket facial and body salons.

Raw Nature Skin Body Therapy Clinic has many other natural and organic facials as well as body treatments. The Mineral Therapy Treatment (with clear crystal) costs RM388 while the Mineral Therapy Treatment (with black crystal) costs RM688.

These are just some of the other products at Raw Nature Skin Body Therapy Clinic:-

They are located at 45C, Uptown 37, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (just next door to HSBC) and their telephone number is 03-7725 7443 or check out their facebook page for more details. They are open everyday except Sundays.

Note : The facial was courtesy of Raw Nature Sdn Bhd.