Greyhound Cafe Where Just About Everyone Takes A Selfie Before Entering



From what I have observed, the majority of people take a selfie with Greyhound Cafe in the background before entering. I was there for lunch a few weeks ago. Finally to see what all the hype was about, the most talked about cafe in town.

At first glance, there is a lot to choose from the menu. They certainly have no shortage of staff as they are very attentive. First, I ordered the Thai style fresh coconut juice @ RM12.

coconut-e1474257201807To be honest, if I was going to charge RM12 for coconut juice, I would provide the entire coconut. Mildly satisfying drink.

dscn1328-e1474257336405I had Complicated Noodle @ RM26, there’s noodle sheet (same size as wan tan skin), lettuce, minced chicken (not much of it) and basil sauce. This one can get a bit messy. I guess you can either place the noodle sheet inside or outside the lettuce but I think it works better inside the lettuce. Has a rather piquant taste thanks to the sharp tang of the basil sauce.

dscn1330-e1474257666812Greyhound famous deep fried chicken wings marinated in fish sauce @ RM18, thumbs up for the crispiness and savoury taste.

dscn1335-e1474257800851dscn1336-e1474257822739Noodle in tom yum koong with river prawn @ RM32 was average, won’t say it’s the best noodle in tom yum koong south of Thailand.

dscn1343-e1474257989863Fresh coconut crepe cake @ RM22 is lovely but too sweet for my taste buds.


Sakoo Piek @ RM16 is coconut sago with water chestnut. Liked this one because it is creamy and the serving is quite generous, the price is therefore justified.