Go Economical With DIY Masks

All the “ingredients” for a DIY mask

Much as I love pampering myself with sheet masks for a quick hydration boost, it can be costly if used on a regular basis considering that the cheapest good sheet masks cost an average of RM4.90 each at drugstores.

I’ve been supplementing my sheet mask usage with DIY masks for some time now. They are compressed DIY facial mask sheets which are available from Watson’s (house brand) and Sasa. Each pack consists of 15 little compressed masks tightly pressed together into round shapes.

All I need is a little bowl like the one in the picture above and a toner amounting to approximately 7ml. Any toner or softener (as the case may be) can be used for this purpose as long as it’s easily soaked by the compressed mask.

It only takes one or two seconds for the compressed mask to absorb whatever solution you choose and voila! you’ve got yourself a hydration mask that will last about 15 minutes. I’ve used so many different types of toners/softeners with these compressed masks. It’s so easy and handy especially when I don’t have a readymade sheet mask in hand.

For a greater level of hydration, these sheet masks can be placed on top of a cream hydration mask. Watson’s compressed sheet masks cost just RM5.90 for a pack of 15 while Sasa’s compressed masks cost more than RM10 but I can’t remember exactly how much.