Moshi Moshi : MAC’s Quite Cute Collection Is Here

Quite Cute Collection

If you love to look kawaii, then MAC’s latest collection, Quite Cute will be right up your roji (yup, that’s alley in Japanese). It’s bright and loud, especially the lipsticks. Some of the colours might be better suited for stage performers as they can probably be seen from the back of the theatre hall. The predominant colours are various shades of blue pinks and violets.

Virginia Christe and Federico Paltrinieri are the two artists from Argentina who make sweet, funny, crazy, pop, Kawaii characters and illustrations. They collaborated with MAC to come up with the artwork for the Quite Cute Collection which fit with the artists’ style known as “Stupid Love”.

Lipstick Swatches

 The lipsticks aren’t for the faint of heart, I reckon you have got to be pretty daring to pull off a colour like Candy Yum Yum. Not many people I know can pull off such a strong and oustanding neon pink with confidence. My favourite of the lot is Saint Germain which is also pink toned but a lot less striking than the appropriately named Candy Yum Yum. Maybe Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, Rihanna or Katy Perry can wear Candy Yum Yum with panache.

Plushglass swatches

The Plushglasses are in more muted tones than the lipsticks and in this way are able to complement the lipsticks. I ♥ U is quite a pretty shade of violet. As they are Plushglasses, expect a tingly sensation when you apply. They have the plump-up-your-pucker effect.

Mineralize Blushers
Swatches of blushers

The Mineralize Blushers with the hearts in the middle score high on the cuteness factor, just wish the outer packaging wasn’t the usual black. Out of the 3 shades, Miss Behave is the lightest, there was hardly any colour on my cheeks when I tried it on which is why it serves more of a highlighter purpose than a blusher. Giggly showed up much better on my cheeks but it is really a very sheer pink which will probably only suit those with fairer skin tones. I’m not sure how Sakura will fare on those with darker skin tones but I’m not a big fan of lavender as a blusher colour. However, the Sakura blusher seemed the prettiest (and most appealing) of the lot to me.

Cutie Quad
Cutie Quad swatches

My favourite product in the entire collection has to be the Cutie eyeshadow quad. When I swatched it, it didn’t look promising but when one of the makeup artists offered to try it on my eyes, I liked the purples (Boycrazy & Azuki Bean) very much. There was just enough shimmer in them and Moshi Moshi makes a nice highlighter, just can’t be heavy handed with this as a little is enough.

Very Cute

How colourful!

The Quite Cute Girls

All 3 of the Nail Lacquers are sweet colours, these remind me of icing colours. The other products in this collection include 3 lip pencils, a penultimate eye liner, a loud lash mascara, zoom lash mascara and #7 lash.

Here are the prices of all the products:-

(1) Mineralize Blush RM100

(2) Nail Lacquer RM42

(3) Lipstick RM65

(4) Plushglass RM80

(5) Lip Pencil RM62

(6) Penultimate Eye Liner RM70

(7) Loud Lash & Zoom Lash Mascaras RM61

(8) Cutie Eyeshadow X 4 RM140