Gigawhite Fresh Double-Action Exfoliating Mask From Suisse Programme


Suisse Programme, as the name implies, has its origins in Switzerland. It was developed by a group of biologists, chemists and cosmetologists in 1996. There are hydrating, whitening and anti-ageing skincare ranges.

The Gigawhite Fresh Double-Action Exfoliating Mask is blended with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and Gigawhite Exfoliating Grains. It has an inner tube which contains the enzymatic exfoliation (white colour) and the outer tube contains the mechanical exfoliation (green colour).

One has to squeeze out an equal proportion of the enzymatic and mechanical exfoliators. The exfoliating grains are in the green coloured part. It’s a bit tricky getting it right and I’ve squeezed out too much of the white part and too little of the green part on occasion.

The enzymatic exfoliator (white) is enriched with the Gigawhite Complex and fruit enzymes while the mechanical exfoliator (green) is enriched with exfoliating microbeads. Squeeze out more of the white than the green and you won’t feel any scrubbing effect when it’s applied.

After mixing both parts in the palm of my hands, I apply it on my face and neck and leave it on for 10 minutes. I usually do this when I am in the shower, saves time. Actually, it kind of reminds me of a toothpaste I once used but I’ve forgotten the name.

10 minutes is the maximum amount of time one is supposed to leave it on for. I moisten my palms and start removing the mask by rubbing it off and splashing my face with water. I’d like to say that it made a difference to my complexion but other than making my skin a bit softer than before, it’s remained the same as before I used the mask.

Regretfully, although I have used this mask several times before making up my mind about its effects, it really has NOT made my skin more luminous, radiant or lessened pigmentation. It’s certainly nowhere as good as Kiehl’s Ultimate White Surface Whitening Exfoliator.

It’s available at Sasa outlets, the size is 50ml and it is priced at RM216 (you can get 2 of Kiehl’s Ultimate White Surface Whitening Exfoliator for that amount plus the Kiehl’s Exfoliator is much bigger).

Note : The Gigawhite Exfoliating Mask was provided by Sasa.