Guest Review Of L’oreal Paris Glam Shine 6H



This week, Camie tries out the latest lipgloss from L’oreal Paris, the Glam Shine 6H which promises to be long-lasting, comfortable, not sticky or oily. It has been formulated for the Asian skin tone and comes in 8 shades categorised in 5 colour families. Here’s Camie’s review:-

Glam Shine 6H and counting ~ L’oreal’s star product, the “Glam Shine 6H” lipgloss have just gotten a makeover!

Are you a fan of glossy lips? Do you have any issues with lipgloss that makes your lips dry? Does your gloss need plenty of reapplication to maintain its shine? If so, then I think is time to change it to this ~ L’oreal Glam Shine 6H.

Its new formula contains 2 long wear polymers (some molecular structures that bond together strongly) which gives you a long lasting effect. What you get from this lip gloss is non sticky, non drying and long lasting effect.

The lipgloss which has been passed to me is Dazzling Pink ~ a pinkish tone with a slight touch of peachy reflection. Its wand is very soft and flexible plus the “teardrop” tip design eases application in just one swipe.

Wearing the gloss does not makes my lips feel dry or “tight”. It does not leave a fake gloss finishing even after a few layers of application. Surprisingly the tone that I have got here works nicely to complement my natural lip color and I did not even apply any lipstick underneath. This is because these new shades are specially developed to suit the Asian skin tone. They come in a total of 8 new shades with a hint of sweet caramel fragrance.

They will be available in pharmacies and major departmental stores nationwide at RM35.90.


Thanks to Camie for the review & pics.