Gem Studio Has A Unicorn Theme But It Wasn’t The Décor That Caught My Attention


dsc_2497After having lunch at Burger King @ Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall’s 3rd Floor, I walked past Gem Studio (relocated from nearby Sunway Clio Hotel 1st Floor). Gem Studio has been in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall for just a week and there is a poster outside the hair salon advertising the hair colour services. It was this poster that stopped me in my tracks. You could say I came to a screeching halt when I saw the poster!

dsc_2496I couldn’t believe the prices. Short hair colour at just RM79? Where in the Klang Valley can I get my hair coloured for less than RM100? Was I back in the 1980s? I HAD to go inside and confirm this because some salons might say that my rather short hair is actually medium length in which case I would walk right out because there is no way my hair is medium length.

dsc_2492dsc_2491dsc_2489dsc_2490The chairs are in sweet pastel shades and it’s quite obvious that the owner of the salon loves unicorns. The hair dryers are all a teal blue shade (my kind of shade!) and I wanted to sink into one of those saccharine sweet shaded chairs. I enquired about the price of colour for my hair and yes, it is indeed RM79. Wow! I just got my hair coloured for RM100 and I thought that was a good price. In fact, I checked their Facebook page and their prices were even cheaper before relocating. A few months ago, it was RM59 for short hair and RM79 for medium hair colouring. Why didn’t I know about this salon earlier? Could have saved me a lot of money.

Never mind hair salons outside malls, they all charge at least RM100 for my hair length colour but Gem Studio is situated within a shopping mall. I went to another hair salon within the same mall minutes after I left Gem Studio and enquired about their prices for colouring my hair (this salon was offering a 50% discount on colouring) and was quoted RM250 (are you kidding me?) which meant I would still have to fork out RM125 after the discount.


I’d say Gem Studio offers a wide range of hair colours, you have the sombre as well as the bright and vivid fashion shades I love so much. So now you know there really is a hair salon within a major shopping mall in the Klang Valley that charges reasonable prices for hair colouring no matter what your hair length. I have got to go back and try their colouring services!