Gel Pedicure At Rainbow Jade Nail Salon Pearl Point Shopping Mall


dsc_5794While looking around for a reasonably priced pedicure, I came across Rainbow Jade Nail Salon at Pearl Point Shopping Mall. I went in yesterday evening when they had a number of customers, all the staff were busy either with manicures or pedicures. I asked when the next available session was, I was told 6pm which was just a half hour wait. I wanted a Classic Pedicure which was RM25 but when I arrived for my appointment, I was informed my nail polish would take ages to dry and I was wearing the wrong type of slippers, the polish would be sure to smudge unless I waited a long time for it to dry.

Fair enough so I had to opt for a gel pedicure at RM55. They have hundreds of shades here, there were at least 6 books of colour to look at and I was having a tough time deciding on one. Finally chose a pretty pink shade which I thought was very sweet and striking.

dsc_5791Rainbow Jade Nail Salon offers membership benefits whereby you get a RM50 credit with a deposit of RM200 and the extra credit increases with a higher deposit. That’s one way of ensuring regular visits to this nail salon and I believe they have a good number of regulars as the salon seems very popular.