Frustrating Saturday No Thanks To TRIUM Card


dsc_0662When it comes to retail complaints, don’t we all hope and wish for our grievances to be resolved quickly and effectively? I have a TRIUM membership and that means I collect points at Dressing Paula, Kitschen and Nichii outlets. I have shopped at all 3, not that often but I have almost 500 points and when I reach 500 points, I get an e-voucher worth RM50 which can be used at any of the aforementioned brands.

The last time I bought a jacket at Kitschen months ago, I remember being informed that I had 490 points and since this is my birthday month, I am entitled to 100 bonus points so I scooted off to Nichii @ Mid Valley first thing today as I wanted to get a blouse. I tried to check my points online yesterday but I’ve forgotten my password and they won’t recognise my TRIUM card number or IC number or email so I can’t reset the password.

I was at Nichii before 10am, the jacket in my size was there so I went up to the cashier and asked them to check my points. The cashier informed me that I have 490 points so what happened to my birthday bonus points? She informed me that she couldn’t check that for me. I would have to do so online with my password but I explained that the system wouldn’t allow me to reset my password.

She was barely helpful, all she said was that they couldn’t check anything for me other than tell me the number of points available and that if I wanted further info, I would have to either call their office on Monday or email the email address on the back of the card. I found her attitude a tad dismissive. I would have shown a bit more empathy if I was in her position, not like she had a queue of customers to serve, It was only me at that early hour. She said that I had to download their app to check but I tried and there was an error. She said that there might me a problem with my phone’s memory. I know EXACTLY how much junk and space there is in my phone, thankewverymuch. To add salt to the wound, she said that of course detailed info isn’t available instore as they don’t want any of the staff misusing my accumulated points. Well if the staff is not so trustworthy, that really isn’t my problem. I just want my 100 points which should have been credited already since it is already MID December.

dsc_0661Not satisfied, I marched over to Kitschen next door and informed the lady behind the counter who looked like she was the manager/supervisor of my predicament. She was more empathetic but she was equally helpless and offered me the same advice, either call their office on Monday or email the email address at the back of the card. So I emailed since I can’t call now and guess what, the email bounced back saying their mail box was full. There was another person’s email in their autoreply so I went back to see the manager and she told me to email that person. Same thing happened, autoreply saying that person’s email inbox was full so what does that mean? They don’t check their emails? No one is going to read my complaint till Kingdom Come?

So what if I was from out of town and had gone specifically to get the item I wanted with the RM50 rebate which I knew I was entitled to? It would all have been for nothing. The Kitschen manager listened to my complaint quietly, she tried to check on their tablet but it wouldn’t recognise my IC. I only have that ONE IC. If it doesn’t recognise the IC I registered with, am I supposed to use someone else’s IC?

Finally, perhaps because I showed no signs of leaving and the manager wanted to get on with folding the clothes or maybe she simply got tired of me showing up again and again in front of her, she offered to help me contact their office on Monday. She said she would call to inform me the status. I hope so because all this running around was a total and complete waste of time if they were efficient enough to credit me with the 100 bonus points as promised.