Forty Hands @ The Sphere Bangsar South


dsc_2149Yesterday was the first time I was at The Sphere Bangsar South. There are quite a few restaurants and cafes to choose from, none of which suit a budget meal. I was wondering which restaurant to have lunch at when I saw Forty Hands listed in the directory. Somehow I remembered that this is a famous café in Singapore so I wandered over and there was a waiter outside who explained that the coffee was from Common Man Roasters (*ding* another memory alert in my brain, that name sounded familiar too) AND that the food portions were big. I was sold.

When I went into the café, only one table was occupied but after I ordered, the crowd came trickling in and more than half the café was filled by the time my food arrived. I had the Big Boy Breakfast @ RM32 which consisted of pork sausage, grilled tomato, mushroom ragout, pork bacon, flat bread with sour cream and free-range eggs any style (poached/scrambled/sunny side-up/over-easy). A bottle of water is provided without having to request for it. That’s great because so many restaurants nowadays refuse to serve anything but mineral water which costs almost as much as a cup of tea or coffee.


So the waiter wasn’t kidding when he said portions are big. It’s not HUGE by American standards but it’s satisfyingly big by Malaysian standards. Could have done with a bit more sour cream on the bread but otherwise everything on the Big Breakfast plate was perfect from the crispy pork bacon (I love this!) to the best poached eggs I have had in a long time. Their Big Breakfast is served all day.