Domino’s Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza Is The Hottest Pizza I Have Ever Had


dsc_2256It’s a little sweet and a whole load of spiciness, that is how I would describe Domino’s Ssamjeang Prawn Pizza. It looks great with all that seaweed all over the pizza and those luscious cherry tomatoes give it a bit of colour. The first bite sent my taste buds into places I never knew existed. It was so insanely hot but at the same time, rather addictive. Each bite made me sweat and teary-eyed.

I know we Malaysians are used to spicy food but I think to properly enjoy this pizza, the spiciness level could have been toned down a little. My mouth was still burning minutes after I’d taken the last bite. I had 4 slices before surrendering. Would have loved another slice but the ‘pain’ was a bit much to bear. Love the taste but the fiery hotness, not so much.