Experience The Ultimate Productivity Solution With Coway’s Latest Innovation – The Coway PRIME Lite Mattress


The Coway PRIME Lite mattress is a game-changer when it comes to sleep. Studies have shown that a good wake-up is a sign of quality sleep[1], and this is where the Coway PRIME Lite mattress comes in. This mattress provides a conducive sleeping environment that promotes restful sleep, reducing back pains and other disturbances that can cause sleep deprivation.

This new edition of Coway PRIME series mattress offers a range of unique features to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. Its Cooling Sensation feature keeps the mattress cool with a special fabric ticking and Ventilated Foam where it helps to enhance air circulation between the interior layers. These features will give you the overall experience to stay asleep comfortably even during the warmest nights.  Additionally, the 5-Zone Pocket Spring provides exceptional comfort with consistent head-to-toe (head, shoulder, lumbar, hip and legs) support with body movement isolation reducing motion transfer so that you could sleep soundly with your loved ones. Not only that, it also provides ample support for ideal spinal alignment, helping to reduce body ache and elevate your sleep quality. 

As an innovator and caregiver to Malaysian, Coway always brings a full-fledged service. Besides offering consumer with ground-breaking product, PRIME Lite mattress also comes with a complimentary 7-Step Mattress Care Service and free changeable topper* to ensure the mattress stays in pristine condition for a longer period of time. The 7-Step Mattress Care Service is conducted by Coway’s very own professionals to effectively eliminate unwanted pollutants like allergens, dust mites, and hidden microbes to ensure you are experiencing comfortable and protected sleep every night.

In line with Coway’s mission to change lives, PRIME Lite mattress creation is one of the initiatives to improve one’s health and well-being. Findings show a restful sleep and work productivity comes in tandem[2], when you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, it is a sign that you have had an appropriate quantity and quality sleep. With its advanced technology and unique features, the Coway PRIME Lite mattress is the perfect solution for anyone looking for life improvement with an affordable price that provides an exceptional sleeping experience that makes waking up every day, easy.

For more information about the Coway PRIME Lite mattress, kindly visit https://www.coway.com.my/primelite.

*Terms & conditions apply.

[1] Refreshing Sleep and Sleep Continuity Determine Perceived Sleep Quality

[2] How Sleep Affects Work Productivity