Estee Lauder Malaysia Staff Sale Ticket Giveaway



It’s 3 weeks to the biggest beauty sale of the year and some of you must be counting down the days. When else can you get your hands on your favourite fragrances, skincare, bodycare and makeup at a fraction of the price you’d normally have to pay? I have been going to the Estee Lauder Malaysia Staff Sale since 2010. I only realized there was such a staff sale in that year, late bloomer that I am.

My very first Estee Lauder Malaysia Staff Sale came as a bit of a jolt because even as I ascended the staircase of the Renaissance Hotel, I heard the voices of people at the queue and it was loud. Strategies need to be formed before you are even through the door as it helps if you go with a friend. Not to sounds “kiasu” but it’s best to grab whatever you are tempted by and decide later whether you want the products since there are some very popular counters where products are always gone by the time I get there.

Hats off to those who are always at the front of the queue, they start queuing as early as 1am. Seeing McDonald’s bags along the queue has become a common sight. I wonder if they brought the food to queue up or McDonald’s delivers? I wouldn’t mind having some breakfast to fortify myself for the inevitable crowd surging into the room.

Last year was memorable for a few reasons. There was a woman following me closely with her arm against my back. I was taken aback, I wonder if she was using me for support? I couldn’t wait to get away from her because even though I glanced back at her, her arm was still against my back like it was stuck. Last year’s sale was also the very last time a blogger whom I’d considered a friend (which proves there are few genuine friends in the blogging world and that people you consider a friend may not reciprocate your feelings) talked to me nicely because 2 weeks later when I attended an event and bumped into her, her demeanour had totally changed 180 degrees – I got the cold shoulder from her, monosyllabic responses to my questions, a sourpuss look and I finally knew what “hostile” meant. Of course I am still puzzled over what happened in the 2 weeks between meeting her at the sale and the event but frankly, I don’t give a shit about it any more having come to the conclusion that some people are just naturally perplexing and incomprehensible. You think all bloggers are sociable? Think again.

I have never queued up earlier than 5.30 a.m. Some of us need our beauty sleep more than others 😉 I haven’t decided what time I am going to show up at this year’s sale but it won’t be early. I already know what I want to get but I won’t be disappointed if I don’t find the products by the time I get into the room.

As far as the number of customers is concerned, last year’s crowd wasn’t as bad as previous years when I was pushed and shoved. It doesn’t help that we have “happy campers” seated anywhere there is space sorting out what they want/don’t want/exchanging products with friends. Despite repeated announcements not to do so, these “happy campers” remain where they are and I wonder if they could, they’d call McDonald’s to deliver to them as they sort out their haul.

I have never purchased more than RM400 of products. I don’t go overboard and it helps that I am extremely particular about the products’ manufacturing date. Anything beyond 2 years ago and it goes right back to the counter. In fact, 2 years is pushing it for me. I don’t enjoy being in a crowd where walking from one counter to another takes a long time but I go year after year because I am curious about what’s on offer or maybe I am just a glutton for punishment.

I have 10 sets of tickets for this Giveaway (2 tickets per set since it’s so much more fun to wait with a friend) for my shopaholic readers so if you’d like me to send you a set, please comment on either (A) or (B) below:-

A. If you have attended the Estee Lauder Malaysia Staff Sale previously, please comment on your experience, e.g. what time did you queue up, was it what you expected, did you buy a lot, are there any brands you had to first, etc.


B. If you have never attended this sale before, what are you hoping to purchase?

Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page and/or followed Juniper’s Twitter and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world as long as you genuinely wish to and most importantly can attend this sale. Also, if you have already obtained the tickets from other sources, then you don’t need them from me.

2. Giveaway ends at 12pm 30th April 2014.                     .

3. Winners will be announced on this same post. To winners who are emailed for contact details : please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

4. Tickets will be dispatched by regular mail, no replacements are available if tickets are lost in transit so please let me know (when I email you for your address) if you’d rather collect in person in which case I will make arrangements with you to meet at a time and venue at my convenience.

5. Tickets are NOT to be sold. If there are less than 10 participants by the time this Giveaway ends, all excess tickets will be destroyed and I regret to inform that I will not be responding to private requests for tickets.

Updated 1st May 2014:-

I have changed my mind about giving away 10 pairs of tickets.

I am giving away 14 pairs of tickets to:-


Chin M L





Ida Zurina Marzuki Lam

Mei June

Mohd Mustaffa Fazil

Roopa Pai

Stephanie Koh




Hope you all have fun at the sale and I would love to hear what you all bought. If you see me, please stop and say hello as I hope to meet all of you! Wishing everyone of you a bountiful shopping spree, after all it only once a year so go for it.


  1. OH MY GOSH! Another shocking giveaway! Juniper, you had never cease to amaze me =) . Just when I thought the last giveaway was amazing enough, bam I am shock with this ticket.

    b) I would of course look for all the brands that normally do not have any sales =) . Bobbi Brown, MAC, DKNY are all on my list of shopping. Drooling thinking of how much i can shop.hehehe

  2. My mom and I have been an ardant fans of Estee Lauder for more than 10 years.My mum has been a loyal user using the brand more than 40 years now. Hope to be able to get a few Estee special sets for both me and my mum for my coming nuptials end of this year.I sm also hoping to purchase other brands like Bobbi Brown and MAC as part of my trousseau.

  3. Hi .. Can I please get 2 passes to visit this sale I have heard a lot about this sale but never got a chance to be a part of it pleaseeeeee

  4. I’ve been to Estee Lauder for a few times but I can’t seem to remember when was my 1st time (getting old). It’s more like sister’s activity that me and my sisters do together to keep the bonding as we are busy with out own life. What we usually grab is the DKNY perfume that always the fast sold out on that day so we’ve learned that to be crazy early to wake up and line up in the line which we don’t mind as this only happen once a year. This is where I’ll treat my sister (usually I’ll bring my younger sister while the other one prefer to sleep) for a McD breakfast takeaway and eat there then chit chat catching up with her on what is she up too lately. It is more like a win win scenario where I can get great bargain on MAC and a save up on my hubby’s perfume =p and my sister can grab her fav perfume and bonus where we both spend quality sister’s time together =)

    Oh gosh this is so long compare to others…. sorry =p


  5. Ok I have been waiting for this sale for the entire year. A friend of mine have a pass, I went to the last one at renaissance hotel. I was there at 2.45 since I saw pics online of this sale ppl waiting outside for the doors to open really early, it sounded crazy but I still thought I would let go of the beauty sleep as I anyways won’t get any cuz of anxiety ☺️
    When I reached there at 2.45 I already had people waiting around 20-25 ppl may be!!
    I sat on the floor like everyone even stretched my whole body by lying down on the carpet and the line just started getting bigger n bigger.
    They opened the doors for VIP passholders first n then after 45 mins I guess it was next batch which I was in and the minute they said go in people went crazy and starting jumping
    After I got in I dint know where to start from oh I forgot to mention this was my first time in this sale anyways I kept putting things from every counter like crazy but later realized it’s not that I going to use everything so put back a few…..I had spent 600 something ringget mostly makeup…
    I was in there for abt an hour and a half and then thought I should get out before I do more damage to my pocket hehehe☺️

  6. I have never been to Estée Lauder staff sales, however I heat about it or read it in blogs all the time! The hauls from the event are so exiting! I would love to witness for my self the products on offer! I wish to get Estée Lauder foundations, mac lipsticks, origins facial wash, Clinique moisturizer and bobbi brown gel eyeliner! Even though I hear and read that the crowd and queue will be overwhelming, I would really like to try the experience!

  7. i have only been to this sale once and yes, i queued really early. like 430 or something. but this was only because i was advised to do so. waiting to get in was tiring and the whole experience was nerve wrecking but i was thrilled with the loot and the savings that i had amassed.

    i have since not been able to go because invites and dates for the event have eluded me like the abominable snowman. but year after year i have relentlessly tried chased it in the hope that the golden invite would once again land in my hand.

    dramatic, i know. but makeup/skincare and big discounts is something anyone who loves makeup would be passionate about! 🙂

  8. I have never attended Estee Lauder sale before and I really wish to join this exciting event! Many people managed to grab really cheap products from the sale and the discount is really crazy! My favourite brand among all is definitely M.A.C. as I always love their make up products. If I still have some budget after spending on M.A.C. , then I will look at Bobbi Brown’s products. I never owned any Bobbi Brown products and I think I can take this chance to try them out. I tested some of them at their counter and I like them! Lastly, if I have not exceeded my budget (I doubt that haha), I will buy some Origins products.

    If I’m going to attend Estee Lauder sale this year, I will not go and queue up in the early morning. The reason is very simple, the earliest bus that move out from my university is at 7.30am and it’s impossible for me to be in the line at 5am hehe~

    Wishing you the best luck in getting some good deals from the sale Juniper!

  9. Hi,I have never been to this sale before. I heard that you can get great deals for a lot of branded products. But the fact that I have to queue up from early morning really scared me. However, never try never try. Perhaps, it can be a nice experience. 🙂

    • I forgot to mention the product that I want to purchase justenow. I would like to purchase Bobbi Brown products if I have the chance to attend this sale. Thanks for giveaway!

  10. I’ve never been to this sale before. To be frank, I have always been put off by the crowds and how early the line starts, but then again I’ve never gotten passes to these things before, so I’m not one to judge.. Anyway, hoping to try my luck with Estee Lauder stuff if I do get to go (and to check off going to this sale off the bucket list too, haha).

    Figured cos it’s Berjaya Times Square and there’s plenty of Starbucks-es around, should be ok in the food and drink department, haha..

    PS. Liked your FB page as my own FB Page ( – cheers!

  11. I have heard so much about this sale but never had a chance to go to one.
    Whatever I have read about queuing up n all sounds quite interesting I mean people going there so early and waiting Wow!!
    I think if I get the passes I will go around 3 or 4 am and would like to buy some skin care from origins some make up from Bobbi brown and mac I think something from each brand

  12. Woohoo!

    A. I attended last year’s sale and it was quite insane! I went there with a friend, she sms-ed me to meet her there at 4AM. And I was like, “Was that a freakin’ typo?!” No, it was’t! I expected it to be one heck of a sale since I had to get up leave my house at 3.30am.

    The experience? WAR. Seriously, it was like a battlefield to me. Ladies who were demure and softspoken during the queue turned out to be savages! I found a Bobbi Brown palette which looked like it was quite coveted for. This lady LITERALLY elbowed me and snatched it from me. And my “friend” was no where to be seen!

    I got some lippies from my favourite MAC and a brush set as well. While for skincare I got a set from Estee Lauder and a set for my mum as well. Overall, I loved my stash.

    TIPS? Bring a tiny boardgame or cards to play with your friend (and new found friends in the queue as well) for time to pass by faster. And also, if you’re hungry? McDonald’s delivers directly to the hotel! You have got to bulk up on energy before you enter the battlefield right?

    Ladies, it will be crazy. You will see ladies like you’ve never seen them before. You might even get a bruise as a free gift like me. But heck it was worth it, otherwise why would my comment be here? 🙂

  13. I had never been to the sale but not through lack of trying. I want to take my wife for the sale as she has been raving about it for years. Maybe because I’m a guy that I’ve never been selected previously to go for the sale but I hope my luck will change. 🙂

    Thinking of getting my wife a chance to get her hands on some MAC lipsticks, eye makeup and compacts at a bargain as she always just gets one item of either product everytime we go shopping and I offer to buy her make-up. It’ll be a bonus if there’s perfumes as well. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. Juniper this is super! (Hey that rhymed!)

    A. AND B. Here’s why…

    I wanted to go really badly last year after hearing two of my friends rave about & telling me about their stash from previous years but I couldn’t score any invitations. Guess what, I went anyway! I queued from 5am trying to ask other shoppers if they had extra but none did. Then the staff arrived, but they too said they had none to give out. So I DID go to the sale last year…but only reached the entrance 🙁

    If I win, I will get some skincare for my mum (hint: mother’s day coming up in may!) and for my brother as well (yes you read that right, haha he uses skincare from estee and is an even bigger vainpot than I’ll ever be) For myself, some MAC and Clinique items.

    Hopefully I can get these passes, and go beyond that door this year!

  15. Okay I am a little out of place but I am doing this for my wife. She told me last week her friends got passes and she was trying to get two. I’ve called every Estee Lauder & Mac counter to enquire but none of them had any to give away. They must be thinking what is an old man like me calling them for, oh the things I do for my wife! I googled about 5 minutes ago and I stumbled on your blog! Amazing.

    A. Yes I have been to the sale, I mean we, me and my wife several years ago. The women were bordering on crazy because it was so noisy and everybody was pushing everybody. Honestly, I dont get it. I dont get why we have to queue so long, smell body odour and get pushed around for make up and skincare. But, I’ve never seen my wife so happy when we are in the car going through what she bought. Although I have told her I do not understand a single word she is saying or what product is which. But I like to see her happy and she’ll be over the moon when I surprise her with these passes. Thank you, sorry for the long comment.

  16. i love your blog because i have learnt about so many diffrent products from it.i have seen the stuff my friends have bought in the sale. I have never been to the sale. It will be really nice of you to give me 3 passes so i can share this joy with my mother and my sister. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  17. B) i never have experience with estee lauder sale. I have tonne of products to purchase in my mind and mainly is makeup stuffs! I want to buy estee pauder ( cause i dont have single product from them), bobbi brown ( of course! Need to expand my collection!! Plus to buy them at retail price is impossible as it is ridiciously expensive in Malaysia Ringgits) , MAC because it is my favorite cosmetic brand. Anyway, other brands are tempting too! Hope i have opportunity to experience the shopping war. Hehe. I have seen it in many bloggers’ blog and stories , people were queing at the middle of the night just to get the spot! Wow! Hope i could experience the hotness of the eventt this year.

  18. I personally have never been to the sales before. Heard other people raving about it in websites and also facebook comments but haven’t had a chance to be part of the craziness. I wish that I could score myself some invites this year.

    If I win I would like to get myself some skincare from Estee Lauder and Origins to beautify myself for my wedding day which is like very very soon 🙂 And also some MAC and Bobbi Brown products to replenish my cosmetics stash 🙂

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the winners announcement and hoping that I’m one of the lucky 10 🙂

  19. B.

    I’ve never been
    I’ve never seen
    I’m reallyyy keen
    Please let me win!

    My favourite is MAC
    Bobbi Brown in my bag
    I love them it’s a fact
    Awesome prices on the tag!

    Some for my mum & me
    Skincare from Estee
    Juniper please let it be
    I will go “Yippee!!”

  20. My friend went last year and told me that it was an awesome bargain. I have never had the chance to go to this sale.

    I would love to get MAC, Bobbi Brown and Origins products. I personally love MAC Lipsticks and I am planning to buy loads to give to my sister , mum and friends and also to stock up on my favs. What perfect opportunity to buy these lovely goodies and share them with my loved ones.

    I am also planning to buy Aramis/ DKNY perfumes for my hubby since its been awhile since he has received a new perfume. I am sure he would be delighted.

    I know that it would be a mad rush during the sales, but hey – its a jungle out there 😉

    I am also aware that I am a little late on my submission, but I am so hoping that you would consider me for a pass as I would love to have this lovely opportunity of shopping heaven. Thanks for this lovely opportunity that you are giving to all 🙂

  21. Many Many Many thanks Juniper for this awesome give away
    congratulations everyone hope everyone enjoys the sale
    thanks again

  22. OMG seriously…i just missed the sale
    I shall follow your blog and wait for 2015 sale then (^_^)
    I’ve been to the previous sales few years before.
    During that time, it was easy for me to get the invitation card because i can simply call Suria Meriang office and collect it. As time passed by, the management changed the policy.
    Seriously, i envy with you ….but u are a wonderful and kind person indeed.
    You gave away the passes as gifts…instead of selling it for profit
    Hope to see you next year.
    have a nice day

    • OMG, Juniper is very kind to giveaway the tickets for free. A pair that cost a whooping RM200! Better stalk everywhere Aesha =P . Juniper is always a generous person. =)

    • Dear Spiderspinster,
      Im interested.
      When they’re having it this year and where?
      Just let me know if still available