My Dior Birthday Treat


diorMy birthday may have been over more than a fortnight ago but this weekend, I received a surprise birthday treat from Dior MidValley that came as a complete surprise. On Friday, Zaidi Zain of Dior MidValley called to invite me over for a makeover, it was Dior’s treat for members whose birthdays are in December.

The makeover started with prepping skin using a myriad of Dior’s super awesome skincare. Then Zaidi applied the Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion which felt cool on skin. It refines pores and my complexion looked natural after application.


dscn1957dscn1958My lips received the comfort and hydration they needed from Dior Addict Lip Glow Pomade which gives a beautiful rosy tint. Lips look good even without lipstick.

dscn1954dscn1955Next it was on with Fix It Colour which is an interesting product because they are used to prime, correct and contour the face. There are 2 shades in each tube. Zaidi applied all of them on me.




These are the 4 shades:-

• 100 Blue: anti-dullness action
This lilac-blue evens out  yellow-toned  skin for an enhanced glow. Dabbed on the light-catching areas – the forehead and the tips of the cheeks – it gives an instantly fresh and rested look.
• 200 Apricot: perfect for deep or tanned olive complexions
designed to tone down dark spots, hyperpigmentation and dark circles.
• 300 Yellow: corrects dark spots and under-eye circles for lighter skin tones and neutralizes lips that have a blue hue, bringing out the true colour of your lipstick.
• 400 Green: the anti-redness ally that tones down flushed areas of the complexion.

Zaidi used the Backstage Blender Fluid Foundation Sponge to blend all the Fix It Colour together. He used the rounded side to blend.



From the 2016 Holiday Collection Splendor, Zaidi applied the colors from the Precious Embroidery eye shadow palette and over that, the Infinity Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte.

 dscn1996dscn1992Lipstick was also from the 2016 Holiday Collection Splendor, Zaidi applied Fascination (purple matte) on me.

 dior4dscn2000The makeover is complete!




Just when I thought that was the end of my birthday treat, Zaidi brings out a cake and bouquet of pink roses.

dior8dior9Heartfelt thanks to Zaidi for arranging such a marvellous and unforgettable birthday treat which was absolutely unexpected. Dior really knows how to pamper their members and make them feel extra special.