Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate


When it comes to double serums, Clarins is a pioneer as they were the first brand to come out with a serum with separate Hydric & Lipidic phases (water and oil soluble) in 1985. Back then, the serum was in separate bottles and it wasn’t until 2 more reformulations in 1988 & 1993 that Clarins came out with the 1st Double Serum with 2 textures in one bottle (then called “Double Serum 38”) in 1996. There was a new formulation called “Total Double Serum” in 2002 and then in 2007, it was “Double Generation Generation 6”. The Double Serum was regarded as a skin supplement for women over 40 but now with the introduction of their new Double Serum, it can be used by women above 25 years old.

The new Double Serum is exclusive to Asia this year and will only be available in non-Asian countries next year so aren’t we all lucky! There seem to be quite a few brands which are catering to the Asian market and I guess that’s only natural considering how many women there are in China alone. Moreover, Asian women are known to be very conscious of their skin condition and will look out for the latest innovations to improve on or maintain their skin condition.

When the Double Serum is pumped out (one pump is enough but I’ve been using two as one isn’t enough to apply to my neck as well), you’ll get 1/3 lipidic : 2/3 hydric (the ideal balanced ratio). Apparently, that is the best texture to replicate skin texture. The clear part of the serum would be the oil while the brown part would be the water.

Unlike whitening or hydrating products, there is no emulsifier in this formula because there are so many multi-benefits in the Double Serum. The Double Serum doesn’t target just one skin problem such hyperpigmentation or dehydration. It delivers targeted action on the skin’s 5 vital functions namely:-

  • hydration for softness and comfort.
  • cellular and skin nutrition for suppleness and tone.
  • cellular and skin oxygenation for skin radiance and luminosity.
  • fibers and skin regeneration for firmness and elasticity.
  • fibers and cellular protection for prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.

Having the hydric and lipidic phases in separate chambers ensures that there is no risk of incompatibility or instability, thus the stability of the formula is always maintained. There are so many ingredients in this serum including 20 plant extracts (using their roots, barks, leaves, sap, fruits,seeds) but the one I was most fascinated with  is cangzhu extract for boosting cell vitality. It’s an extract developed specifically for Clarins and looks like one of those herbs from the Chinese medicine shop.

There are several new ingredients in Double Serum which weren’t in their Generation 6 Serum. It has taken Clarins 5 years of research to come up with Double Serum. Some of the organic ingredients in Double Serum are marshmallow extract (root), perilla oil (seed), macadamia oil (seed), rosehip oil (seed), green tea (leaf), quinoa (seed) and green banana (fruit). Actually, considering all the ingredients that have gone into the formula, the Double Serum seems worth its price.

As a Clarins customer for the past few years, I do have a lot of faith in their skincare. I don’t use as much as I’d like to because I have so many other products to test out but their skincare generally impresses me. So I have high expectations of the new Double Serum.

The texture is like a gel, super lightweight and despite the fact that it contains oil, it doesn’t feel oily or sticky. The scent is very comforting and I like it very much. It has been created by a Japanese master perfumer and is a blend of fruity and floral notes.

I used the Double Serum day and night for 2 weeks and from the first use, I wasn’t disappointed. I was even getting compliments about how much better my skin was looking and what product I was using. My skin feels a lot more hydrated and I don’t think I look as tired and haggard. At one time, people were asking me whether I was keeping late nights even though I wasn’t.

My skin is also more radiant and even-toned even though I’m not using any whitening skincare at the moment. By the way, Double Serum known as a transversal product and no, it doesn’t mean it’s for a certain group of people who seem to be always targeted. A transversal product can be paired with any other products such as for whitening, purifying or hydrating.

However, I should point out that Double Serum is onloy recommended for those with stable skin, i.e. if you have serious acne problems now, you should address that problem first before starting on Double Serum. Double Serum is deemed too nourishing for acne-prone as well as those with sensitive and hyper-sensitive skin. In any case, it’s best to get a consultation at a Clarins counter first to see if the Double Serum is suitable for one’s skin.

To sum up, it’s worked very well for me in just 2 short weeks. I can even use less foundation since there isn’t much uneven skin tone and everything just applies on my skin much better since I started on Double Serum.

Clarins Double Serum has been provided by Clarins Malaysia for review and retails at RM280/30ml.


  1. Got sample for 5days, but haven’t start using it, am having breakoutssss… Aargh !!

    I’m curious on 1 thing, does the oil and water finishes at the same time? According to the SA, the content is 15ml x 2. So if the pump is pumping 2parts of water + 1 part of oil, then i pressume we will still have the oil by the time we finish the water. Pls pls share on this when u finish your bottle.Thanks ( sorry, i’m a curious cat ^_^)

    • Yes, don’t use it until your breakouts clear up. I am also wondering about the 1/3 (oil) : 2/3 (water) ratio but you know what…the lipidic and hydric levels in the 2 chambers are more or less same level. I have 1/3 left in the bottle. Ok, I will update this post once I finish the product.