Clarins Christmas Gifts



Choices and more choices for Christmas gifts. Clarins Christmas gift sets come with some seriously nice pouches which look very festive. Starting from RM168, there’s a set to suit every budget. All of them are way below their actual retail value and they all come with full size and deluxe sized products which is a great way to introduce someone to the brand. Here are just some of the gift sets available.


Brightening Basics RM360 (worth RM560)

  • WPTL Intensive Brightening Serum 30ml
  • WPTL Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser 125ml
  • WPTL Bright Pure Aqua Milk 50ml
  • WPTL Smoothing Brightening Night Cream 15ml
  • SFL 3-Day Supply Kit


V Shape Essentials RM520 (worth RM640)

  • Shaping Facial Lift 50ml
  • Defining Eye Lift 20ml
  • Shaping Facial Lift Wrap 75ml


No. 1 Serums RM485 (worth RM760)

  • Double Serum 30ml
  • Shaping Facial Lift 50ml
  • Extra-Firming Day Cream 15ml
  • Defining Eye Lift 8ml
  • 4 Shades UV sachet


Extra-Firming Basics RM520 (worth RM690)

  • Double Serum 30ml
  • Extra-Firming Day Cream 50ml
  • Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream 50ml
  • Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin 30ml
  • Extra-Firming Eye Cream 3ml


Extra-Firming Duo RM550 (worth RM735)

  • Extra-Firming Day Cream 50ml
  • Extra-Firming Night Cream 50ml
  • Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream 30ml
  • Extra-Firming Body Cream 30ml
  • Extra-Firming Eye Cream 3ml


Hydration Gel Essentials RM360 (worth RM535)

  • HydraQuench Intensive BI-Serum 30ml
  • HydraQuench Intensive Cream-Gel 50ml
  • One Step Exfoliating Cleanser 30ml
  • Body Lift Cellulite Control 30ml
  • SFL 3-pc sample
  • 4 Shades UV Sachet





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