Carlsberg Brewery Tour For Media Included A Presentation On Connor’s Stout Porter

Dempour the draughto of how to

The evolution of Connor’s Stout Porter

On a stormy afternoon two Fridays ago, a group of media gathered at Carlsberg Brewery in Shah Alam for an anticipated tour of the brewery. Upon registration, we were ushered to the famed Carlsberg Lounge where we could later partake of any of the drinks available and that included my favourite brand of cider, Somersby. By the way, I was so glad to see that they have a new flavour, Passion Fruit & Orange, available since 2022. I have drunk all their other flavours which makes me a true-blue Somersby fan.

As the afternoon was rainy, our tour of the brewery had to be postponed for safety reasons until the rain petered out. As we sat comfortably in the Carlsberg Lounge, we listened to presentations Connor’s Stout Porter, inspired by the British stout recipe from the 1700s, their unique blend of four malts delivers a rich flavour and notes of coffee for a perfectly balanced taste that’s just made right. In April 2021, Connor’s launched its premium draught stout now available in cans.

I didn’t pour it right but in my defense this was the 1st time I ever poured Connor’s from a can into a glass

We then practiced pouring Connor’s Stout Porter from a can into a glass. It’s not that easy as you have to get the level of foam just right and obviously I didn’t get it right. There’s an indicator on the glass of how much foam there should be. You have to pour at a 45° angle into the glass.

Originally available only as a draught, the can retains the creamy head and gentle roasty undertones that Connor’s Stout Porter fans love at bars, but in a ready-to-enjoy format so they can enjoy the good taste of draught stout in the comfort of their homes. To achieve this, the British-inspired brew is double-dosed with nitrogen before canning to maintain its iconic smooth head and fine cascading effect when freshly poured.

Demo of how to pour the draught, also at a 45° angle

Connor’s cans come in 320ml and 500ml sizes in a stylish design inspired by British pubs. Actually the design of the can makes us think the stout is brewed and packaged in UK but it proudly made in Malaysia.