Bumbu Desa @ Suria KLCC



Bumbu Desa @ Suria KLCC is an unpretentious restaurant which serves Sundanese food, it owns more than 50 outlets scattered throughout big cities in Indonesia. As you enter their Suria KLCC outlet, you will see what appears to be a buffet spread but it’s not. It’s actually food that’s been semi-prepared and when orders come, they’ll pick out whatever is necessary for the dish from that spread.


What’s interesting about Bumbu Desa is they offer a selection of chilli sauces with just about every dish from crackers to the meat dishes and some of these sauces really pack a punch so eat them in moderation or you’ll find yourself having to ask for bottles of mineral water. They don’t serve just warm or cold water here. The idea is you have to order a drink be it mineral water or teh tarik.

When we were handed the menu, I was surprised to see that it was very worn out and looking like they needed replacement. There were lots of creases on the pages and I felt like I wanted to handle them with (kid) gloves as they looked rather stained too.


Ayam Bumbu Desa is deep fried chicken with hot spices (sambal) and is a Bumbu Desa signature dish. It’s crispy and not at all dry. The sambal is excellent and went very well with the chicken. Very aromatic!


Another aromatic chicken dish is Pepes Ayam which is steamed marinated chicken wrapped in banana leaves. The meat comes off easily, very tender.


Talapia Goreng comes with a thick and sweet sauce.


I thought this would be spicy but the sambal goreng udang is really quite mild.


Most of the vegetable dishes at Bumbu Desa are priced at RM8.50 which is reasonable.

Bumbu Desa is probably one of the more reasonably priced restaurants in Suria KLCC as lunch for 2 pax here won’t cost over RM80 unless you are ordering more than 3 dishes.