SK-II Launches Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Inspired By Suminagashi


SK-II’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence now comes in a beautifullt crafted design inspired by traditional Japanese marbling Suminagashi or “floating ink” in Japanese. The art of Suminagashi was chosen for its powerful philosophy which states that there is no wrong drop; each dot and swirl come together to create a unique art piece.

Designed in red, blue and green, this art transforms SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence into the season’s must-have gift for your loved ones. I watched a demo of Suminagashi – one drop of ink is dripped followed by a 2nd shade and then a 3rd.

Then use tools to create patterns.

Place a piece of paper over the pattern.

Wait for the paper to dry in 20 minutes before cutting into strips, they make lovely bookmarks.

Each pattern is obviously unique and you will never get the exact same pattern even if you use the same shade of inks. This is the 1st time I have heard or seen this art, you learn something new every day.