All About Brows : Q & A With Jared Bailey, Benefit International Spokesperson For Global Services


jared bailey

If there’s one service Benefit is immediately identified with, it’s their brow service. Since 1976, Benefit has been helping women (and men too!) look their best by providing brow grooming services at their popular Brow Bar. Over the weekend, Benefit’s International Spokesperson For Global Services, Jared Bailey was in town for a brow grooming workshop where he shared his knowledge and expertise on brow grooming with bloggers and media. After the workshop, I had 5 minutes for a quick Q & A session.

What are your top 5 Benefit must-have/favourite products?


1. Gimme Brow for instant brow volumising. Just sweep through the brow and the microfiber in the product will adhere to skin and hair, creating brows even where before there were none.



2. Brow Zings which is great for women who have slimmer eyebrows. This is a kit which contains pigmented wax for shaping, natural shaded powder for setting, tweezers, a hard angled and blending brush to create a fuller brow shape. Just go along the brows and brows will be thickened naturally.


3. High Brow, the highlighting pencil which you draw along the brow bone for an instant brow lift. Perfect for all skin tones, the linen-pink highlight hue adds a lifted look to the entire eye area.


4. Benefit’s brow service, changing the brow shape is the #1 way for women to polish their overall look, open up the eyes and accentuate their features.

benefit potent

5. It’s Potent! eye cream promotes circulation, hydrates and de-puffs.

How important is brow shaping?

Brow shaping enhances the way a woman looks. She’ll look more polished and put together, it can lift your looks.

For women in a hurry, what’s the best way to groom their brows?

Go to a Benefit Brow Bar, get a brow tint and shape.


How can a woman get a photo ready look everyday and keep her makeup intact all day?

Apply a primer like POREfessional which helps to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines, helps to prevent a makeup meltdown and apply Gimme Brow which has a water-resistant formula.



  1. Hello Juniper! Thanks for having this interesting interview in this space! I never have any knowledge on brow trimming and shaping and believe it or not, I never have my eyebrow trimmed before! I know there is eyebrow pencil and to be honest, I didn’t know about products like Gimme Brow and Brow Zing. Thanks for the information and I think maybe it’s the time for me to start paying attention to my eyebrow hehehe~