Bobbi Brown EXTRA Balm Rinse



It’s the start of a new year so it’s time to try a new cleanser. I have never tried Bobbi Brown’s EXTRA Balm Rinse which comes in a heavy glass jar, not exactly travel-friendly but the hefty packaging makes it worth the hefty price, I suppose.

I received a 30ml jar as part of my GWP last year so that’s rather generous sized considering it is quite economical. The 30ml jar is a replica of the full size version. This cleanser is recommended for dry skin. The texture is heavy and dense, extremely concentrated so you’d need just a little for cleansing even heavy make-up.

It’s to be used on dry skin initially, has the most divine citrus scent, more lemon than orange. It feels warm on contact with skin, opening up the pores for deeper cleansing? I wonder if the objective is also to promote blood circulation? As long as no water is added, I feel the warmth which is pleasant as it feels as if it’s melting away all the make-up and removing impurities.


As I massage the balm all over my face, I add some water to the balm so that it emulsifies much as I’d use a cleansing oil. The balm turns white as it emulsifies. It makes my skin feel super-soft and comfortable. This is an excellent cleansing balm which does remove every trace of make-up although I don’t use it for removing eye make-up. I’m sure it’s one of the brand’s bestsellers. It can be used with a wash cloth but I’ve just been using my hands.

As the product is so concentrated, a jar does go a long way and it should at that price – RM230 for 200ml.