MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara



At first glance, this doesn’t look like one of MAC’s mascaras. If I didn’t know better, I’d have guessed it was from Anna Sui because of the cute looking top part. This one has quite a long applicator wand which may be a bit of a problem for those with smaller eyes. Personally, I prefer shorter applicators in my mascaras even though my eyes aren’t that small.

MAC describes this mascara as being able to create “the illusion of false lashes”. Hmmmm…….where have I heard or read that before? A lot of other brands have similar mascaras which claim to give one the illusion or effect of false lashes. Seems like a tall order to me as you’ve all seen false lashes and there are few mascaras out there that can truly make one’s lashes look like they really have falsies on.


The applicator wand is a bit tapered, it is very black which makes it a little bit of a hassle when I’m removing it because bits of it come off on to my under-eye area. On the upside though, this one didn’t smudge on me regardless of the humidity.

It separated my lashes well, lengthens more than it volumises which I suppose is what the illusion of false lashes is all about. I’m not saying it didn’t volumise at all but this mascara is definitely much more about lengthening.



after1Illusion of false lashes on me? I won’t be casting aside my false lashes in a hurry. MAC False Lashes Extreme Black retails at RM63/8g.