Bio-Essence Bio-Gold Gold Water



Bio-Essence’s Bio-Gold range is for those who want to prevent the early signs of ageing. Ok, a bit too late for me but who says I can’t use this range, right? So I have been using the Bio-Essence Bio-Gold Gold Water which is the hero product of the range.

You can see the tiny gold flakes in the clear bottle which makes this look like a product for Christmas. I can tell from looking at the bottle that the Gold Water isn’t that watery, it doesn’t have the normal toner consistency.

Pour out Bio-Essence Bio-Gold Gold Water and you can see the gold flakes clearer than if you pour on to a cotton pad


I really like looking at the gold flakes on my palm, there’s something so luxurious about this product but it is still less than RM100. Retails at RM92.90/150ml. My skin is immediately softer and more hydrated when I apply this after cleansing.

Review is based on a press sample of the product.