Lucido-l Hair Wax Moisture


P1340023(1)I’d always wanted to try Lucido-l Hair Wax Moisture as it’s supposed to provide a moisture coating to frizzy hair and smoothen unruly and frizzy hair. I’ve noticed this small pink tub at Guardian and Watsons outlets for a long time and finally picked one up recently.


Lucido-l Hair Wax Moisture has a light gel texture and I use it after I’ve towel dried my hair. It does provide moisture to my dry hair and tame frizzy hair but the effect isn’t that long-lasting. I’d say it lasts about 24 hours before my hair goes back to feeling dry and coarse again. I don’t think this 60g tub will last long, it might run out in a month but at the discounted price of RM15+, it was worth a try.