Behold The Bejeweled Beauty Box


Urban Decay’s 15 Year Anniversary Collection came to Sephora in 2 batches, something like one month apart. I completely missed the 1st batch when it was available although I did check from time to time. Well, I thought if I could get hold of one from the 2nd batch, then I’d consider myself lucky but if I couldn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be.

As it happened, I dropped by Sephora KLCC in early November just for a look-see and what d’ya know, there were 4 palettes left. I couldn’t believe it! So I took home the 4th last palette available in Sephora Malaysia (the palettes had already been sold out at their Starhill outlet). When I paid up, the cashier informed me that they’d brought in 20 palettes in the final batch.

No doubt this sold hotter than hot cakes worldwide. After all, it’s a limited edition collectible and it’s reasonably priced too. Where can you find a palette with 15 x 1.3g quality eye shadows in a pretty gunmetal box with laser-cut, filigreed edges for less than RM200? The only thing I didn’t like about the case is that it is a fingerprint magnet. I try not to touch the top as I am compelled to wipe it each time I see my prints on it.

The box does double duty as well – remove the shadow tray for the purple, velved-lined compartment for stashing jewels, mementos, love letters? I’d say there is a good mix of matte to highly pigmented eye shadows and the shades range from neutrals to brights. There’s something for everyone in this palette.

1st row :-

Midnight Rodeo – brown pearl with silver.

Tainted – pale matte purple with golden shimmer.

Deeper – deep shimmery golden brown.

2nd row:-

Midnight 15 – oyster pearl with silver glitter.

Junkshow – metallic bright pink with slight blue shift.

M.I.A. – dark velvet brown.

3rd row:-

Vanilla – creamy white gold.

Omen – metallic bright purple with golden shimmer.

Ace –  dark gunmetal.

4th row:-

Flow – soft peach shimmer.

Evidence – deep metallic blue.

Blackout –  darkest, most saturated black glitter.

5th row:-

Chase – bright bronze.

Deep End – bright teal.

Half Truth – deep grayish purple.

Some of the more glittery shades are harder to apply than the ones with less/no glitter because the glitter tends to fall out when I’m applying the shadows. I haven’t decided which one is my favourite shade yet. At the moment, I am not in love with any particular shade but I think I may grow fond of some shades with time.

Of course, there are endless combinations with this palette and it’ll take yonks before I’m done with all the colours and take out the tray to use the box as a keepsake storage. This is one palette everyone will want to keep after all the shadows have been used up.

Omen + Evidence + Vanilla + Midnight 15:-

Midnight Rodeo + Deeper + Vanilla :-

At RM180, this is definitely a value-for-money palette.