Snap, Snap : Maybelline Master Liner


When I put up a short review on Maybelline’s Master Liner a short while ago, I’d just used it a couple of times. It is quite creamy, not very pigmented nor intense but at that time, I had no other issues with it. It’s an average pencil liner which doesn’t need sharpening and the price reflects that quality.

What I really have an issue with now is that the tip keeps breaking which is annoying. When I apply the liner, I don’t think I’ve used too much pressure yet the tip is so fragile. I’m not sure if it’s just my product or whether this problem afflicts every Master Liner.

Just as well I always use this liner over the sink otherwise I’ll have to look for the broken tip on the floor. At this rate, the liner will be gone in no time. I’m not saying it breaks every time I use it but it does break often enough to be irritating.

If this is a general problem rather than a one-off case, which I hope it is, then I think Maybelline should look into it seriously. Although it’s already priced quite low at RM15.90, it should be of a reasonable quality and by that I mean it should not keep breaking.

Note : Product was provided by PR for review.