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We’ve all collected beauty product samples before, whether it’s from drugstores, the brands’ outlets/boutiques or from their counters. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot but it’s easy to do so if you spot the vouchers in magazines and newspapers and sometimes there’s also online sampling exercises.

It’s helpful to have samples especially if you are thinking about buying a foundation that costs over RM100, you want to get it just right for your skin tone and type. Generally, I have encountered few difficulties in obtaining samples even without making a purchase but there are times when I’ve asked and they’ve informed me that samples are only given upon purchase. I have made purchases before based on the samples I have tried. I mean, if a foundation is that good just from the sample alone, it must be even better in the full size product, no?

Okay, I would like to read your opinion on beauty product samples and yes, this is a Giveaway so if you would like to participate, just comment on the 2 questions below:-

1. Do you find using beauty product samples helpful in your decision on whether or not to purchase a product?

2. If available, what brands’ products would you like to have samples of?

Here’s the prize for one winner……

core seed

It’s THEFACESHOP Core Seed Purifying Essence 60ml and it’s so new that the expiry date is Feb 2017 which means whoever wins this has plenty of time to use it. The product is worth RM123.90 and is selling so well that it is currently out of stock in THEFACESHOP Pavilion.

Terms & Conditions:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends on Sunday 15th March 2015.

3. Winner will be contacted via email for delivery address once Giveaway ends. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

Updated 16th March 2015

Winner of this Giveaway is:-

Yi Nian


  1. Samples are useful in helping me to decide which product suits me and whether it is worth investing on or not. It is particularly important to those who has sensitive skin. You wouldn’t want to spend over a hundred ringgit or more on a product that irritates your skin. Usually when I’m interested in certain products, I would proceed to the counter and request a sample of it. However, there were many time that I encountered stingy SAs that refused to give me any because they don’t provide samples. One moment they said they don’t have, next few moments when i walk by the counter again I saw them taking out samples and happily handing them over to customers, regular customers I assumed. I totally turned off by this attitude. I do met some nice ones, rare, but they do exist. They gave me samples of many products when .i just request for one. The next trip, I didn’t hesitate to buy a few producst from them.

    I would like to try La Mer cream sample. Heard so much good things about it, but some said it’s not suitable for our weather because it’s too rich and thick. I would like to try it for myself what wonders can it do to our skin.

  2. Hi Juniper,

    Thank you for another fabulous giveaway =). You are sure generous in having giveaway marathon!

    1. Do you find using beauty product samples helpful in your decision on whether or not to purchase a product?

    Having samples are useful in letting us know the colour and texture if the makeup product will suit us because we can’t be buying so many bottle of foundations just to see which colour suits us. The light at the counter just doesn’t fit for trying makeup products. Many times, I ended up with colour that doesn’t suit me!

    I also like sampling for skincare products because it let me know if I would like the texture and if I do breakout before I spend money on buying the full size. Trying on hands is different from trying on the face.

    Too bad many brands doesn’t give out samples even when we really want to buy the products.

    2. If available, what brands’ products would you like to have samples of?

    I would of course would like to sample on brands such as La Prairie, La Mer, Swiss Line, L’occitane, Antipodes, SkII, Laneige & Channel that usually don’t give samples without purchasing. The problem is their products are usually very expensive and some goes above Rm500 which needs lot of consideration before purchase because we can’t just put the products aside if it doesn’t suit us.

    As consumer or beauty addict, we would of course wonder about the hype about the brands and if will really suit our skin. With the internet, most of us do research first especially for product that is really expensive because there are some mixed reviews and we wanted value for our money.

    No use of wasting money on purchasing something that is not going to make us have fabulous skin. When the price of the products are high, of course we have high expectation that a drugstore products too. Besides, we sure are more careful too because we want to make the most out of the money that we are going to spend.

  3. 1. Totally agreed that samples are very helpful for me before deciding to try any new product. I simply cannot buying a new product just by reading the description on the box. Having samples to try the product itself whether it is good or not for me, then the decision to used it will be easier.

    2. Now, i’m really into korean products. Thought of trying some of them. Its great if can get samples of it such as Laneige, Sulwahsoo or Innisfree.

    Thanks dear for the giveaway. 😉

  4. Thank you Juniper for yet another giveaway!

    1. I would usually like to try out things in small quantities before buying the original sizes. Samples are perfect if you are thinking of changing brands or trying something new. It has certainly help me to make good choices to mix and match my skincare products and cosmetics according to suitability to the skin. We certainly do not want breakouts and allergies trying out new stuff.

    Sometimes, trying out at cosmetics stalls may not be a good idea due to the lighting. It would best if at least a 3-7 days sample of the desired products can be given to fully see the effectiveness of it to our own skin.

    2. Many samples that I would have like to try out: L’occitance, SKII, La Mer, Estee Lauder and Chanel. Heard that their products are one of the best and would certainly like to try them out if the products would have a much better effects on the skin. The consistency of the products were something most people would look for that are worth of money. Many young women are consistently looking for better products, with a lot of new brands from Korea and Japan breaking into our market. Hope to see more brands letting the consumers try out their products. It is also a form of good publicity and marketing ploy for these brands to allow their new and loyal users a chance to try out new line of the products.

  5. 1. Of course yes! Some products are over hundred and it’s totally a waste of money if the products do not work on me. (Sometime the most expensive one is not always the best one) So I would love to try them out before purchasing the full-sized product. I will make sure that the products are not too oily for my skin and if the products work well on my skin, I will definitely return for the full-sized products.

    2. I would like to get samples from SKII because I have never tried any products from this brand, maybe SKII should cut down their budget on TV commercial and instead, give out some samples for the customers.

  6. (Not entering)

    1) Yes. Unless I have a big golden egg laying goose at home, sample is the only way I can test out the product to see if it agrees with my skin or whether I like it enough to purchase a full size. Anyhow, I might not be able to purchase the said product right away due to many factors such as financial commitment at that moment. But that product sure have a place in my heart when that factor is no longer an issue later.

    2) I would like to try Guerlain Super Aqua serum. My skin is too dehydrated to skip hydrating serum and am looking for different brand. And the One Essential range from Dior.

  7. Samples provided might have the effect to influence our purchasing desire. As we get to try the sample before actually purchasing the products, this save our wallet and the earth by preventing unnecessary wastage. If sample given is suitable to help, sooth and moisturise the skin of course we will proceed to buy the product in full size. Besides, samples given are extremely useful when we are travelling by backpack, save us lots of spaces!

    Products sample which I would like to try is Vichy. Now Vichy is no longer in Malaysia, and I saw some good products reviews online would like to try when I have the chance to visit their counter oversea sometime later.