Bag Of Love’s Green Bag



Yesterday when the courier handed me the envelope, it smelled good, like there was fragrance inside. I am expecting some fragrances to arrive but the contents didn’t feel like they were fragrance boxes. When I opened the envelope, the fragrance was even stronger. It’s Earth Month and Bag Of Love honours it by going green.

This month’s Bag Of Love is made of bleach-free canvas and the little tag inside is of recycled non-woven material. Though not as glam-chic as last month’s bag, this month’s bag does feel heavy-duty and being less bulky than last month’s bag, this one is more practical to bring around in my handbag.


From what I read on facebooks and blogs, the beauty box/bag phenomenon is still going strong. I guess it’s the constant element of surprise that draws customers. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get inside (unless of course you have seen the contents in a blog or someone else’s facebook).

Bag Of Love’s little beauty bag does have some scented products. In terms of sample size, Bag Of Love doesn’t disappoint as the smallest sized sample is 6.5g. I do so dislike receiving samples less than 5g, especially if they are samples I’ve had to pay for.

Okay let’s cut to the chase as I am sure that if you have clicked on this post, you are curious to find out what the contents of the little beauty bag are. There are some new brands here which so far I have not seen in other beauty boxes.


  • 15ml Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream (RM271/50ml)
  • 60ml The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist (RM59/100ml)
  • 50ml Phytojoba Hydrating Shampoo (RM88/200ml)
  • 6.5g Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuaçu Butters Body Lotion (RM62.80/170ml)
  • Definite Contour Brush, Full-Size RM88
  • 15ml Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ (RM120/30ml)
  • Decleor voucher for Signature Aromaplasty Facial @ RM98

I’m sure I don’t have to do the maths here and you can see at a glance that this bag is worth a lot more than RM39.90. I am most interested in trying out the Phytojoba Hydrating Shampoo &  Nuxe Brightening BB Cream. I have never tried anything from Phyto and I didn’t even know Nuxe had a BB Cream until I saw this sample.

Would you like to win one of these bags? Bag Of Love has so kindly sponsored 3 bags for Juniper’s Journal readers. If you would like to participate, please leave your comments to the 2 questions below by 30th April 2013. It’s open to those with Malaysian addresses only.

1. What do you think of beauty boxes offered in Malaysia e.g. have you subscribed to any, what do you think of the contents from what you have seen, what would you like to see more from beauty boxes, do you think they are worth the subscription fee, etc.

2. Please complete this sentence : “I would like to win a Bag Of Love because…………”.

As usual, winners will be sent email notifications. Please respond with your addresses within 48 hours otherwise I reserve the right to pick another winner(s) so do check Juniper’s Journal Facebook/twitter for updated post in which winners will be announced.

Hopefully there will be a good response to this Giveaway as that would motivate me into having more frequent Giveaways and it makes me feel that I am on the right track. Good products are meant to be shared with readers and I do have quite a lot in my stash. To everyone who participates in this Giveway, I am most obliged for your support.

Updated 1st May 2013 – Winners of this Giveaway are:-

1. Liew Sin Yee

2. Bugs

3. Amelyn

Please check your emails as I’ll be needing your addresses.


  1. 1) Two years ago, there wasn’t any beauty box in Malaysia and i could only drool looking at the Bellabox from Singapore. Now, there is too many beauty boxes and a bag in Malaysia that i do not know what to choose. I subscribe to Fabulous box at first but since they stop i am looking for one i would like to commit(sound like i am going to choose a love partner)to.

    Since there are many boxes, i guess the competition to please the customer are also high as customers demand will surely be harder to please. They will asked for deluxe size, better brand(high end brands) and possible the choice of items in the boxes will also be important. Some will find that they want more makeup and not skincare. Some will prefer mixture of makeup and skincare.

    I guess most will look into the worth inside the boxes, brands,types of items and also the customer service when they have problems like leakage. After all, customer is the king.

    I think i am most interested in trying out the Phytojoba Hydrating Shampoo as it is from PAris!. Yeah, i had never heard of Nuxe bb cream before too. I heard that it is the new brightening range that will only appear in May (for Malaysia).

    2)I would like to win a Bag Of Love because i love skincare, makeup and this bag looooooooooook so good!!hahahaha

    Sorry, it sound like i stalk your blog but reading reviews of beauty bag or boxes is the one i am most intrigue by. I do not mind spoiler > < hahahahaha

  2. 1. What do you think of beauty boxes offered in Malaysia e.g. have you subscribed to any, what do you think of the contents from what you have seen, what would you like to see more from beauty boxes, do you think they are worth the subscription fee, etc.

    For this question, it’s quite difficult for me to answer because I personally have never subscribed to any beauty box/bag. Of course, as what you mentioned in your post, the phenomenon is so strong that I was so tempted to try subscribe one. In my opinion, quality of the beauty box/bag will be my major concern.

    2. I would like to win a Bag Of Love because I have never own any Beauty Box and Beauty Bag before so I would like to try one. In addition, I’m so in love with the canvas bag! Em, in case I didn’t manage to win, can I know where can I get this canvas bag? Is Bag of Love selling it?

    Thank you.

  3. 1. Yup, agree with you that nowadays we see there are alot of beauty boxes around Malaysia, some even so expensive with just samples inside (roll eyes). I’ve subscribed and given quite afew but from my personal experience, I still like those that came with at least 1 full size product or items rather than those tiny tiny sample which i can just grab it at counters or it came with magazines. For monthly subscription up to RM50,its not worth it at all. For Bag of Love, I personally think it’s worth it!!! Last month and this month with 2 brush that worth more than RM40!!! This is what we can declare it as surprise box!!! =D

    2.I would like to win a Bag Of Love because I personally think this is the best and worth getting with surprises that can’t resist “Wow” expression every time opening it!

  4. 1) i) I have not subscribed to any beauty box. ii) From reviews on blogs, some items looks nice but when they include sachets, especially if only one of that item, then I’m thankful I didn’t subscribe. iii) As I’m more into skincare than makeup such as eye shadows, I’ll be very happy if the contents are all skincare or bodycare. But let them from a ‘known’ brand and not any brand that I can’t find any info on. iv) Most of the time the items are worth more than the subscription fees. But as I’m now more selective towards the samples and GWP, I still prefer to go and purchase what I need and want, and exchange the GWP for something I would use rather than let them collect dust and go to waste.

    2) I would like to win a Bag of Love because i) who doesn’t like to win something, right ? ^_^ ii) I could actually use all the items in this bag. iii) Plus, the canvas bag is washable and looks heavy duty, unlike the typical GWP pouch we normally get. I can see myself using it.

  5. I have not subscribed to any beauty boxes/bags but from observation it has a tremendous rapid growth! This can only mean one thing, the demand out there.
    Contents on most of the beauty boxes usually makes up more than its value but then again, the drawback could be the brands/partners of the beauty boxes as well as the items itself. More importantly, I understand the items provided are samples given by the brands but it would be good if there are few packets enough for 1-2 weeks trial. Most of the time it’s for 1-2 days trial which defeat the purpose of “trying new products” as you can hardly feel the difference after the first usage and if you can, then the products could be very strong. Another note is, packaging is essential and from the looks of it Bag of Love has grasped that right!

    I would love to win a Bag of Love because I love everything natural and it has just the products I’d love to try.

  6. 1. I have not subscribed to any beauty box (or bag!) so far, but going forward it looks as if there is going to be a battle between the Beauty Boxes vs. the Beauty Bags very soon! Only those which can consistently feature quality products which are of a decent size vis-a-vis the subscription price will ultimately survive.

    2. I would like to win a Bag Of Love because its contents are all quality and branded products, and as a bonus, they are now being given away for free by JunipersJournal!

  7. Sorry as I was out of town Nd still am! So the wifi is only available at cafes…..haha anyway just wanted to say keep up the good work!