Available Soon : Aquamoist White Washing Foam

Last year, Aquajuju Aquamoist held its first workshop in Malaysia. It was thorough and comprehensive as the Japanese representatives gave a detailed explanation of the benefits and importance of skin hydration and the company’s products.


One of the items in the goody bag was the Aquamoist White Washing Foam which isn’t available on the market yet. Apparently, it will be launched in April so keep your eyes peeled on the Aquamoist shelves. The Japanese representatives said that this cleanser has a moist peeling effect.

For a foaming cleanser made in Japan, I’d have expected a fair bit of foam but actually, although it produces a thick lather, I thought that there’d be oodles of foam but there wasn’t. There wasn’t much foam to act as a buffer between my hands and skin. I squeezed out more than a tad too much (please see pic below).
Too Much!
Using it the first time, I wasn’t sure how much would be adequate to cleanse my face of makeup. I guess I should’ve known better that it’d be an economical amount. Yes, just a small amount is sufficient to cleanse my face of foundation and blusher since I always use a separate eye makeup remover.

It does an excellent job of removing all traces of makeup. My face feels more smooth than soft afterwards and there is no tight feeling indicating dryness. I’d like to say more about the product description but there’s hardly any English words on the product. Hopefully, it’ll be translated into English once it’s on the drugstore shelves.